6 tricks to get kids to take meds

6 Genius Tricks for Getting Your Toddler to Take Medicine

It’s no secret how difficult it can be to get a toddler to take their medicine. They might not like the taste, they may just want to win a power struggle, and sometimes they act like you’re trying to poison them. Whatever the reason, there are some tricks you can try that will make this process much easier for everyone involved. In this blog post we’ll discuss how best to handle these tricky situations and how parents can put an end to “no” once and for all!

Proactive Ways Encourage A Positive Attitude About Medication

Talk about medicine and it’s benefits

Explain to your child how important medicine actually is. Explain how it helps their body and why they need to take it even if the taste isn’t great. Be as positive as possible when talking about this topic, because having a negative attitude will only instill more fear in children who already don’t want to take it.

Have the doctor give your child the instructions

When you go to the doctor and he prescribes your child medicine, ask him to explain the importance and the instructions to your child. Having an authority figure (other than you) speak directly to your child might make a difference. And giving the medicine directions to your child may also give them a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Let your children see you taking your own medication

If you are taking medicine to treat a medical condition, let your child witness you taking your own medication.

Practice taking “medicine” using the cup or syringe and colored water (or juice)

Sometimes role play can ease nerves. If you give your child some practice with using the syringe or the little cup, it might make the process easier for them. Toddlers thrive when they know what to expect. Be clear about it being “practice” with “pretend medicine” and explain that you only take real medications when prescribed by a doctor.

tricks to get kids to take meds
get kids to take meds

Practice calming techniques to easy nerves

Practice calming techniques together like deep breathing, counting to ten and taking a break from the situation if they feel overwhelmed. This might be helpful for them emotionally as well as physically when it’s time to take medication.

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6 Genius Tricks to Solve Medicine Battles

If you just cant get your kid to take their medicine willingly, here are 6 tricks you can use to help entice your toddler into taking their medicine.

Mix it into apple sauce or ice cream

Sneak the medicine into a small bowl of apple sauce or ice cream. Turn taking medicine into a little treat!

Mix it into kool aid or Gatorade

Mixing it into a favorite drink might make the medicine go down easier.

Use the Juice Box trick

Cut out the bottom half of the back side of a juice box and slide the cup of medicine inside. Let your child suck up the medicine with the juice box straw. Note that this only works with medicine that doesn’t taste terrible!

Have the pharmacy add flavoring to

Most pharmacies offer flavoring add-ins that they can mix right into your child’s medication. They have popular flavors like berry, orange and grape. The next time you pick up a child’s prescription, ask them to make this addition!

Send it through the pacifier 

If your child still uses a pacifier, cut the tip off the pacifier and send the medicine through ti using a syringe. You can also buy a medicine pacifier that’s designed for this purpose!

Make it a game

Some kids respond to making taking medicine fun. You can use stickers or little prizes as a reward to encourage your child into taking their medication without too much fuss.

The Bottom Line

Medicine is no fun. Toddlers especially struggle with taking gross medicines. Use these proactive strategies and 6 genius tricks to help your toddler take their medicine. With a little patience they will get the medicine down!

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