Hey There! I’m Holly.

And this is my husband (and partner in parenting), Ross.

Together we’re forging our path through this crazy thing called parenting. And I love helping other families find their own path. Because every path is different. What works for some families won’t work for others. There’s no single “solution” to parenting. I want to help you create your own parenting blueprint, or a custom parenting strategy that’s perfect for your family.

I traded in my corporate career with a Fortune 100 company to help other parents achieve their parenting goals.

Professional trajectories are rarely straight. And, sometimes, career paths take twists and turns like mine! I earned a Bachelors Degree and MBA in business and quickly climbed the corporate ladder. When I started my Ph.D. program at Capella University, I spent some time studying relationships and conflict resolution.

And then, I had kids. It turns out, the strategies used to managing conflict and influencing others in a professional setting were very similar to the skills needed to negotiate with toddlers. This was shocking to me… and I was pretty good at it. But I wanted to know more. I decided to dive further into understanding parenting and parent/child relationships. I became a Certified Strategic Life Coach and earned a certificate in Mindfulness Parenting Strategies. And now I’m helping parents like you achieve your parenting goals.

My Education

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Kids don’t come with a manual.

But we can build a parenting framework unique to your family by using scientific-based parenting solutions that fit your families needs. Start with my Free Beginner’s Guide to Positive Parenting.

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