3 ways to be a better mom starting right now

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Be a Better Mom

You’re a good mom. You want to know how I know? Because you’re trying to discovering ways you can be a better mom. Bad moms don’t care about improving their parenting skills. Bad moms don’t seek ways to level up. So before we continue, I want you to admit you’re already a good mom!

Even though you’re already a good mom, here are 3 things you can probably do right now to take your parenting to the next level.

Monitor Your Phone Usage

Have you watched the Social Dilemma? If not, you should. We are addicted to our phones. And it’s not your fault. There are experts behind all these apps, especially social media apps, that are deliberately sucking you in for hours on end. And it is absolutely impacting your parenting. A whopping 90% of Americans admit to using their smartphones while behind the wheel of a vehicle. That’s incredibly dangerous, especially if you have kids in the car.

And if you’re like the average American who spends almost 3 hours on social media a day, you’re taking precious time away from your kids. Here’s the thing about your social media addiction. You don’t actually realize you are spending that much time glued to your phone. That’s not an accident. These tech gurus are designing these apps to make you lose track of time.

Even the folks designing these apps struggle to control their social media usage.

So one of the most impactful ways to improve your parenting is to be intentional about your social media usage. Decide what an acceptable amount is for you, and then install a tracking app (or use the Apple ScreenTime feature) to keep yourself accountable. You will probably be surprised by the amount of time you spend scrolling each day.

Prioritize Your Sleep

We know that new moms are sleep-deprived. But the truth is most Americans are grossly sleep-deprived. And what’s worse is that our cultural norms glorify sleep deprivation. Employees who work long hours are treasured. Moms who sacrifice sleep for Pinterest-worthy BentoBox lunches are envied. Students who pull all-nighters to ace final exams are praised. It’s not a good thing.

Sleep deprivation comes with a huge list of consequences. These consequences are often misunderstood or flat out ignored by parents. The truth is sleep is probably more impactful to our health than any other aspect of our lives. Sleep can impact your:

  • Mental health
  • Body weight
  • Immune system
  • Physical health
  • Mood
  • Productivity
  • Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Professional or Academic performance
  • Athletic performance
  • Social and emotional regulation

I know it’s tempting to try to maximize your kid-free time at night, especially if its the only time you get with your partner. But the cost of staying up later are significant. So have a set bedtime for yourself, and make it a top priority. If you need extra time, consider hiring a babysitter, implementing a more strict bedtime for your kids, or start having a short period of quiet time during the day.

Looking to level up your parenting TODAY? Here are 3 actionable tips you can use to be a better mom starting right now. #2 will surprise you!
Looking to level up your parenting TODAY? Here are 3 actionable tips you can use to be a better mom starting right now. #2 will surprise you!

Get Outside Every Day

Nature is amazing. You and your kids can benefit from outside time every single day. Even if the weather is bad, try to get out for at least a few minutes! When the weather is nice, strive for at least an hour of outdoor time. You will be surprised at the noticeable impacts of outdoor adventures if you make a habit of it.

Kids of all ages learn by doing, so my absolute favorite side effect of getting outdoors is the natural learning that occurs. But there are other benefits too, like reducing your risk of depression and increasing your physical health.

You can keep a list of outdoor activities close by so you never run out of ideas! Here are a few simple ways to get your daily dose of nature:

  • visit a playground
  • go on a hike
  • take a walk around the block
  • play catch in the back yard
  • kick a soccer ball around

Do you have any favorite outdoor activities? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to add to my list.

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Skip Ahead? No Problem

Here are 3 super impactful ways you can be a better mom starting right now.

  1. Be intentional about screen-time and hold yourself accountable.
  2. Prioritize your sleep.
  3. Get outside every single day, rain or shine.

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