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Best Parenting Bloggers: 26 Experts to Follow for Busy Moms

Parenting can be a tough job, which is why it’s important to have the best parenting blogs in your corner. This blog post features 26 experts who are well-known for providing insightful and helpful advice for moms (and dads) on how to raise their kids. The following list includes bloggers from all over the world, each of them with their own unique style and personality that will speak directly to parents everywhere. Check out the best parenting bloggers!

I love the real content that Lemon Lime Adventures posts on their blog. The articles are relatable and always contain actionable advice for parents.

Aha Parenting is a great blog regardless of your parenting stage. In fact, it’s broken up by age group, from pregnancy and birth all the way through the teenage years. It’s a great resource for parents wanting to use a positive parenting approach.

My absolute favorite parenting program is Positive Parenting Solutions. You can read about their paid program here and take the introductory class for free! It’s jam packed full of value, so even if you don’t subscribe, it’s worth watching. Plus, their blog is full of free amazing content. Amy is the best of the best parenting bloggers!

I love that Scary Mommy features parents just like you and me. You can find amazing articles (sometimes controversial) that will hit home. 

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My friend Kate runs a blog that features great advice on all-natural living and boosting your mental health. But my favorite part is that she’s got great advice on postpartum issues and how to help your baby thrive.

If you’re interested in getting your life organized and simplified, this is the blog for you. It features plenty of content about getting your parenting act together!

If you’re looking for quick solutions, Messy Yet Lovely is a must-read blog. They cover all the common parenting struggles, plus easy ways to handle them!

I’m not a fan of Super Mom culture because I feel like it sets unrealistic expectations. Despite its name, this blog is not about achieving the ultimate Super Mom status. Instead it does a great job of highlighting those unrealistic expectations and helping parents tackle those challenges. 

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Unexpectedly Domestic is less about parenting and more about all the chores and responsibilities of parents. I love this supplemental blog to help tackle parenting challenges that have nothing to do with the kids!

I discovered The Deliberate Mom when I started homeschooling (thanks pandemic), and it is packed with resources for parents.

best parenting bloggers
best parenting bloggers

I love the educational resources you can find on Parenting Chaos. It’s a great place to find activities for preschool aged kids who are learning the basics like shapes and letters.

Coffee and Carpool focuses on one of my favorite topics: raising kids with intention. You’ll find all sorts of content, from how to guides to printable activities you can do with kids.

If you’re looking for science-backed strategies for raising your family, this is a great blog for you! It’s all about raising kids and homemaking with proven strategies.

If you’re pregnant or have a baby, this is a great blog to follow! You’ll find all sorts of resources about labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and caring for a baby.

I love the mom mindset content on this blog. Mom life can be a struggle, and sometimes you just need to work on your mindset. You’ll find lots of actionable tips and printables to use.

When I’m looking at products, especially baby products, I like to check the Bragging Mommy. They’ve tried tons of products and their reviews have never steered me wrong.

The best part of this blog is all the amazing articles and advice about meal time. There are even a couple of baby and toddler food related ebooks that might help you!

If you’re looking to understand your baby and toddler from a developmental perspective, this is a great resource. You’ll find lots of articles and ebooks explaining the science behind your child’s development.

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This Christian-based blog is a great resource to help foster a positive mindset. And you’ll love all the inspiration quotes from popular movies!

I’m a long time reader of Parents with Confidence. I love that it’s focused on raising balanced kids, with lots of attention on raising a child with emotional intelligence.

Mom Junction contains everything about motherhood. From parenting advice to product reviews, it’s a great place to check whenever you need parenting advice!

The author of Dandelion Seeds is a fellow parenting coach, and I absolutely love her blog. She has such a wide range of positive parenting articles that touch on extremely popular topics, like toddler tantrums and emotional regulation.

If you’re interested in relationship building, this is a great blog to follow. It’s all about developing lasting relationships and strengthening your family through effective parenting.

This blog is a Christian based-blog that covers a wide range of parenting topics, from money matters to handling the holidays.

I love all the relatable stories that are published on Today’s Parent. There’s something for everyone! And they cover a huge variety of parenting topics.

Need activities to do with your little ones? This is the place for you! You’ll discover amazing, unique activities that your kids won’t soon forget!

I love the Montessori philosophy because it’s been so beneficial with my kids, so I wanted to include my favorite montessori blog! If you want to dive into this parenting (and teaching) strategy, this is the place to start.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to level up your parenting, start with these value packed blogs! You’ll discover amazing strategies and shorten your parenting learning curve.

Did I miss an amazing blog? Send it to me so I can check it out!

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