Plan ahead to ensure the success of your potty training efforts! Here's our list of the absolute best potty training products to consider.

Best Potty Training Products – Plan Ahead to Ensure Success!

If you’re ready to start potty training, make sure you’re fully prepared with these amazing potty training products! We’ve tried out dozens of different tools, and these are the best potty training products you can invest in!

Don’t start your potty training journey unprepared like I did. When my oldest daughter, Bee, was about 2 years old, she showed interest in the bathroom. So I thought she was ready, and we spontaneously tried to get her to use the toilet. It was a haphazard effort and it was probably super confusing for her. It took us a full year to figure it out. By the time Bee was 3, we had tried nearly every potty training product and hack.

So when it came time to potty train our youngest, we prepped. We knew exactly what products we needed. And she was potty trained in days… not weeks or months.

Without further ado, here are our best potty training product picks.

The Best Potty Training Products

Summer My Size Potty

My daughter was scared of the big potty. We tried a number of small little potties. But it wasn’t until we tried this one that looks a lot like a regular toilet that Bee got a little more comfortable with the real toilet. It’s a great starter potty. It even makes flushing sound! Try it now.

Potty Training Seat with Ladder

When we were finally ready to move to the actual toilet, Bee really struggled to get up on the tall seat. And, as toddlers tend to do, she demanded independence. This potty training seat with a ladder enabled her to climb up all on her own. Try it now.

Elongated Toilet Seat with Built in Potty Training Seat

When you finally reach that milestone of “being potty trained” you’re probably going to want to get all that potty training gear out of your bathroom. This is the perfect solution. We have one of these seats on every toilet in our house because my youngest still needs the smaller seat, but it’s pretty inconspicuous for everyone else using the bathroom. Try it now.

Need a ROUND Toilet Seat instead? Try this one.

Folding Travel Potty Seat

I was gifted this seat by my mother. And I was surprised how often we used it. It’s very compact. It fights right in my purse, and I can even keep it in the glove box. Having a child-sized seat handy gave my daughters the confidence to use public restrooms. Try it now.

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty

This has been a lifesaver. I keep it in the car, and it comes with disposable bags (they have a cotton insert that absorbs the liquid). There have been a number of times where we are on a road trip, or when we are out and about during COVID, where we have not had access to a restroom. This thing always saves the day. Bonus, the legs flip OUT so you can also put this on top of a toilet as a child-sized seat. My daughter’s felt it was a little unstable sitting on toilet though, so they prefer the compact one I mentioned above. Try it now.

Don’t forget to get a set of the refill bags found here.

Dual Height Two Step Stool

We’ve owned a lot of kid stools. None have held up quite as well as this one. It’s sturdy, non-slip, and extremely easy to clean. It’s light weight enough that my girls can carry it from room to room as necessary. It comes in a variety of colors as well. We actually have 3 of these around the house because they are amazing! Try it now.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

I like to keep a pack of these in my glove box. You never know when you’ll have a potty emergency and your only choice is a super gross public toilet. And in case you haven’t had the pleasure of taking a toddler to a dirty public restroom, I can assure you they will touch every part of the toilet. Having these gives me a little peace of mind… just in case. Try it now.

Potty Time! (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) 

The Daniel Tiger potty song is often stuck in my head. My girls, age 6 and 4, still use it to remind themselves to go to the potty right away (in case you haven’t heard it yet, it starts with: “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away…”) This book will inspire your kids to be mindful of their bathroom needs. Try it now.

Sesame Street Elmo Potty Training Set

Elmo also has great potty training materials. There are a couple of episodes that feature potty training, and this pack is a great way to encourage kids to prioritize potty training. Try it now.

Mickey or Minnie Potty Training Underwear

One of the best tricks to get kids interested in potty training is to buy them new, big kid underwear featuring their favorite characters. We love these Disney brand underwear. They are well made and hold up through many, many washes. Try the Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse packs!

Waterproof Mattress Cover

Don’t let potty training ruin your mattress. Protect it with one of these inexpensive waterproof covers. They’re also nice in the event that your kid gets sick (read:vomits) in bed. Try it now.

The Honest Company Disposable Training Pants

Having a pack of disposable on hand is a good idea. You never know when you’re going to have an urgent issue where you’re either out of kid underwear. Or when you’ve already changed the sheets 6 times for nighttime accidents and you just need everyone to get some sleep. Keep a pack in the closet, just in case. Try it here.

Soap Dispenser w/ Integrated 20 Second Light Timer for Proper Hand Washing

Proper hand washing takes a lot of training. Way more training than I expected to be honest. I love this soap dispenser with an integrated time. It helps my kids make sure their hands are truly clean. Try it now.

Plan ahead to ensure the success of your potty training efforts! Here's our list of the absolute best potty training products to consider.
Plan ahead to ensure the success of your potty training efforts! Here's our list of the absolute best potty training products to consider.

→ Looking for potty training strategies to go with these awesome products? Check out my friend Rebecca’s tips and tricks here!

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