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12 Books to Read to Your Unborn Baby – Build a Bond Before Birth

Last Updated on August 26, 2021.

Want to read to your unborn baby? It has great benefits! Start building your life-long bond with these 12 books to read to your unborn baby.

Most parents read to their babies and young children on a regular basis. But did you know that there are benefits to reading to your unborn baby as well?

Can My Baby Hear Me?

Yes! Your baby can hear starting around 18 weeks, and may even respond to voices and sounds as early as 24 weeks. Babies recognize their mother’s voice once they are born, which is a strong indication that they are listening!

What Do Unborn Babies Hear?

You unborn baby doesn’t understand language, of course. But they are also in an environment where hearing is muffled, so while they can hear talking, they probably don’t hear individual words clearly. What they do hear is tone and rhythms. Reading books with different characters, using different tones and voices, and reading text with rhymes are a good way to let your baby get to know you!

Pro tip: Sounds with longer wavelengths are more likely to get through to your baby, so keep your voice in a lower register if possible!

Want to read to your unborn baby? It has great benefits! Start building your life-long bond with these 12 books to read to your unborn baby.
Want to read to your unborn baby? It has great benefits! Start building your life-long bond with these 12 books to read to your unborn baby.

Benefits of Reading to Unborn Babies

There are so many benefits to reading to your unborn baby! Here are the biggest reasons you should definitely consider reading to your baby in utero.

  • It’s the earliest opportunity to bond with your baby
  • Promotes early literacy skills and language development
  • Encourages early communication (including non-verbal communication)
  • Lowers maternal stress
  • Fosters brain development

12 Books to Read to Your Unborn Baby

Love You Forever

This is a book that will probably make you cry. It taps into all the emotions of being a mom. It’s a staple for every child’s library. Get this book.

Can’t Wait to Show You

Belly Books are popular at baby showers, and they’re perfectly shaped to fit around your growing bump! You’ll probably feel a little emotional reading this book at first, but it’s the perfect addition to your baby’s library! Get this book.

Ma! There’s Nothing to Do In Here

As you’ve probably guessed, this is a hilarious book about the boredom that your baby is experiencing in your belly! It’s a funny read that you’ll want to keep in your child’s library. Get this book.

Oh Baby the Places You’ll Go

This is a Dr. Seuss book adapted for babies! It’s a great book to read for your baby. And it might make you a little teary to think about the adventures that await your unborn. Get this book.

Baby Beluga

This book is accompanied by a popular children’s song by Raffi. You’ll get this tune stuck in your head. Don’t be afraid to sing it to your unborn baby! Get this book.

I Love You Like No Otter

Do you like animal puns? You’ll love this book! It’s a super cute kid’s book that you’ll love to read over and over again. Get this book.

Goodnight Moon

This classic children’s book reads like poetry. It’s a favorite among parents because it’s a quick read and perfect for bedtime. Get this book.

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I Love You to the Moon and Back

This is a very quick, easy read. It’s a great book for a quick reading session to your unborn baby. Plus, you’ll love the message it sends to your little one. Get this book.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This book offers plenty of opportunities to practice letter sounds and fun, rhythmic patterns. It’s the perfect book for your unborn baby to listen to! Get this book.

Are You My Mother?

You probably remember this classic title from your own childhood! It’s a timeless book that will allow you to use different voices and help your unborn baby hear various sounds and tones. Get this book.

Moo Baa La La La

This fun and silly book about animal sounds is a very popular kids book from the well-known author Sandra Boynton. It’s a staple in every babies board book library! Get this book.

Night Night Farm

I love this book for its cute transition for wake to sleeping animals. It’s the perfect bedtime book for babies born and unborn. Get this book.

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