get kids to agree without fights

The Sneaky Way to Get Kids to Agree

Do you constantly fight your kids to comply with requests? Here’s a sneaky way to get kids to agree! Every. Single. Time. #positiveparenting

Plan a halloween at home

Halloween Activities at Home (Without Trick or Treating)

Do you want to make this Halloween extra special? With social distancing, traditional trick-or-treating is probably not an option for most families. Here are 9 Ways to Have the Perfect Pandemic Halloween!

how to succeed at virtual school

Distance Learning Tips for Parents

Virtual Learning is new for many families. Tackle Distance Learning with these 10 Tips for Success! #distancelearning #virtualschool #2020

use quiet time or rest time daily

The Magic of ‘Rest Time’

Enjoy 90 minutes of quite each day by implementing ‘Rest Time’. Everyone can benefit from a mid-day break. Here’s how you can pull it off!

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