How to tackle the daycare transition

Daycare Transition: How to Push Through the Hard Days

Last Updated on September 11, 2021.

Daycare transition can be a difficult time for parents, daycare staff, and daycare babies. It is important to know that daycare transitions are normal and healthy parts of development. Children who have not been in daycare before may need some extra help with the change after they are enrolled in day care or preschool for the first time. This blog post will go over what you should do to make your child’s daycare transition easier on everyone!

Why do kids struggle with the transition to daycare?

Daycare transitions can be difficult because of separation anxiety and fear. Babies and toddlers do not like change, they like what is familiar to them!

Any change in daycare routines can cause problems for kids of all ages. Kids thrive on predictability.

When to Start Daycare

The best age to start daycare is before 12 months of age. Once kids reach a year old, they begin to struggle with routine change, separation anxiety, and the phenomena known as stranger danger.

The Benefits of Going to Daycare

The benefits of daycare are numerous! Kids who go to daycare have better social skills, more advanced language development, improved cognitive thinking, and lower rates of delinquency later on.

Daycare also offers a chance for children to learn how to be around other kids and develop simple school skills like lining up, sitting in a circle, and eating with peers.

6 Strategies to Help with the Daycare Transition

Here are tips you can use to help your little one through difficult daycare transition days:

  • Keep routines as consistent as possible and only change what’s absolutely necessary. For example, if you’re switching to a new daycare facility, daycare arrival time the same.
  • When you’re at daycare, get your child involved in activities. This helps them feel like part of the daycare community and gives them a chance to try new things that they might not be comfortable with yet.
  • Make time to connect with your child daily so they feel a sense of significance and belonging.
  • Help your child make friends by scheduling playdates with other daycare attendees.
  • Keep communication open between daycare staff and parents so everyone is on the same page about what’s going on when daycare kids are at daycare.
  • Be patient with your daycare baby or toddler! The transition to daycare will take time and you might go through some rough patches before things get better for everyone involved.
How to help kids through a tough daycare transition
how to manage daycare transitions with kids

How to transition to a new daycare

  • Schedule a visit for your child before the first day
  • Practice your daily routine ahead of time
  • On their first day, make drop off swift

The Bottom Line

The daycare transition is always hard, but once you get through it the benefits are countless. Kids who go to daycare have higher rates of success in school and life than kids that stay at home with parents!

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