how to make your own kinetic sand

How to Make Your Own Kinetic Sand – Just 4 Ingredients!

Kinetic sand is the latest craze in the toy industry, but how do you make it? It’s actually quite easy. This guide will show how to create your own kinetic sand at home with only a few ingredients!

What is Kinetic Sand?

Kinetic sand is similar to how it sounds, “sands” that move and flow like wet beach sand. It’s soft and moist just like real play-sand but doesn’t stick to your hands! Kids love the smooth texture of this brilliant substance as well as how fun it is to build with.

It’s not messy like traditional sand and it never dries out. It sticks to itself and is super easy to clean up!

How do you make kinetic sand at home?

You can make kinetic sand at home using this simple recipe.



  1. In a mixing bowl, combine the glue, dish soap, and liquid starch (Sta-Flo) with a spoon until it creates a sticky slime. It will probably stick to your bow.
  2. Add the sand a few table spoons at a time, blending it together with a spoon before adding more.
  3. If you can’t stir it with the spoon, dive in with your hands
  4. Stretch and fold the slimy sand mixture until it’s all incorporated evenly.
  5. Ta-Da! You have Kinetic Sand.
  6. Store in an airtight container to extend the life of your homemade kinetic sand.

What’s the secret ingredient in kinetic sand?

The secret ingredient in commercial kinetic sand is silicon. It coats the sand and makes it feel moist and smooth. It also keeps the sand from clumping together, so you can easily clean up your child’s play area after they’re done playing!

With your homemade kinetic sand, you’re simulating the silicon oil with dish soap, glue, and starch. It has the same effect as silicon, but it will lose some elasticity over time as the glue dries.

how to make kinetic sand
how to make your own kinetic sand

What are the benefits of Kinetic Sand? 

Kinetic sand is amazing! We like it better than Play-doh because it’s easier to clean up and it never dries out.

  • It’s so much fun to play with!
  • Easy clean up and storage, no mess
  • Lasts a long time
  • Great for sensory processing
  • Easy to make at home with simple ingredients!
  • It’s versatile. Build castles, forts, or anything your child imagines!

The Bottom Line

Whether you buy kinetic sand or make your own, its a great toy that should be a staple in every home. Kids love how fun it is to play with and parents love how easy it is to clean up!

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