exersaucer vs walker

Exersaucer vs Walker: Which One is Better?

You want to get your little one moving, but you’re not sure which option is best. You could go with an exersaucer or a walker. What’s the difference? Which should you choose for your baby? Find out which one wins in the battle between exersaucer vs. walker, plus our picks for the best options!

What is an Exersaucer?

An exersaucer is a baby activity center that you place your child in. They are meant to encourage movement and hold the attention of babies through playtime. Exersaucers often have toys hanging down, which will help teach fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

What is a Walker?

There are two kinds of baby walkers: saucer walkers and push cart walkers.

Saucer Walkers

A saucer walker is similar to an exersaucer, but it allows the baby to move around. The exersaucer has a stationary seat or base with toys hanging down for your child to play with while seated in the exersaucer. A saucer walker also places your child in a seated position in a sling, but gives your baby more freedom of movement and encourages walking because it has a wheeled base.

Push Cart Walkers

A push cart walker is similar to a shopping cart that you might see in the grocery store. It allows your baby to move around in a standing position, but pushing the wheeled cart with their own power and natural leg movement.

What’s the difference between an exersaucer and a saucer walker?

The main difference is that a saucer style walker has wheels and allows your baby to push the unit around. A exersaucer has a stationary base for your child to play with the attached toys.

What age can a baby use an exersaucer? 

An exersaucer is meant for babies who can sit up on their own and hold their head upright. Most manufacturers do not recommend use under 4 to 6 months old, but you’ll want to check the instruction manual for all the safety information before determining if your baby is ready for an exersaucer.

exersaucer vs walker
exersaucer vs walker

Exersaucer Pros & Cons


Exersaucers are stationary, so you won’t have to worry about your baby pushing it around on their own. They also hold the attention of little ones for longer periods of time because they offer a variety of toys and activities.


Exersaucers can be pricey, especially if convertes from an exersaucer to a saucer walker. They can also be bulky and take up quite a bit of space in your home.

Saucer Walker Pros & Cons


Saucer walkers are reasonably priced and compact. They offer a variety of activities that can help teach your baby language skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more! They also can encourage your child to walk earlier than they otherwise would.


Some saucer walkers can be bulky or heavy if you decide to use it as a saucer walker with wheels attached for walking around on their own. They can also be dangerous because they have wheels! Babies can move them towards dangerous objects like walls, stairs, and furniture.

Saucer walkers also place your child into an unusual position for a baby, who will be moving their legs in a walking motion. This can cause strain on their hips and knees, which could cause injury.

Why a Push Cart Walker is Better

Push cart walkers are much better for babies to use while learning to walk for a number of reasons. They let your child use their natural leg movements to walk, which will help strengthen their leg muscles and teach them how to walk better. They also give your child the freedom to stop and drop to the ground to crawl if they want.

The Bottom Line

Exersaucers and saucer walkers are both great baby activity centers, but you should choose a push cart style walker to help your child learn how to walk and encourage natural movement while they’re young. When you’re comparing an exersaucer vs walker, take consider the safety and ergonomic design into account to help your little one develop!

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