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How to Create Effective Family Goals: A Step-by-Step Guide

What family goals do you have for this year? You may not even know where to start. This blog post will provide a step-by-step guide on how to create effective goals so that you can make the most of your family time and set clear expectations for family members.

What are family goals?

Family goals are family-oriented achievements that family members want to complete together. They can be big, like a family vacation, or small, like reading together or playing a game before bedtime. Goals can be family-wide goals that the everyone is striving to achieve together and individual family members may also have their own family goals too.

Why do we need family goals?

Family goals create a sense of unity, help maintain the family’s focus on what is important, and help provide an opportunity for each individual to work together towards a common goal. They can also have unexpected benefits like boosting self-esteem with children who are a part of goals setting.

family goals
family goals

How are family goals different from parenting goals?

Parenting goals are the goals parents have for their children. They might be values they want to instill in their children, experiences they want their children to have, and skills they want their children to learn. It’s also about the way their kids meet these goals. Parenting goals generally follow a specific style of parenting.

Family goals, on the other hand, are goals the entire family wants to achieve together. They may or may not be aligned with parenting goals.

For example, a mom might have a parenting goal of teaching kids to be independent and self-sufficient, so they assign each child weekly chores. In general, kids would not be interested in this as a family goal.

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How do I create goals for my family?

Planning a family goal can be fun and exciting, but it also takes time and effort. Below are five steps with detailed instructions on how to create effective family goals for your family this year!

Determine Your Family Priorities Together

Sit down with your entire family and discuss your family priorities. What things are important to everyone? Is it travel? Learning new skills? Being outdoors? Woodworking projects? Make sure each family member has input!

Brainstorm Family Goals Together

Brainstorm ideas for family goals based on your priorities. Make a big list! No idea is too small or silly.

Pick 3 to 4 Family Goals Everyone Can Support

Vote on your top 3 or 4 goals, and decide on goals that everyone can support.

Make a SMART plan to achieve your goals

Create a SMART plan to achieve your goals! SMART stands for:

  • Specific, including as many details as necessary
  • Measurable, meaning you actually measure progress
  • Achievable for your family
  • Relevant to your family priorities
  • Timely, meaning that the timeline is realistic for you as a family.

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Set up Family Meetings or Check-ins for accountability 

Create accountability by setting up meetings or check-ins.

Examples of Family Goals:

  • Family game night once a month.
  • Travel to 4 states by the end of the year.
  • Family brunch once a weekend.
  • Everyone achieves a brown belt in karate by the end of the year.
  • Take family portraits in each season of the year.

The Bottom Line

Family time is important, and when it feels like family members are working towards a common goal, everyone’s self-esteem will be boosted! And family goals can be a great way to get everyone on the same page and create life-long memories.

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