Homemade and Handmade Toys for Kids

47+ Handmade Toys for Hours of Creative Play

You don’t need to spend a fortune on toys. And having too many toys can create overwhelm for kids. So ditch the store-bought plastic toys and inspire your kids to be creative by creating custom handmade toys for hours of play! Here are a few ideas to get you started. You can involve your kids in the creation process for added fun.

Are you drowning in toys already? Before creating more toys, tackle the toy clutter with our guide to downsizing toys.

Baby Toys

Even the littles can enjoy homemade toys. Here are several super simple toys you can make in minutes to keep your baby occupied for hours.

10 Homemade Sensory Toy ideas

Up-cycled DIY Fine Motor Toy

Stuffed Dragon (Sewing Pattern)

Tugging Box Fine Motor Toy

Felt Toys

Handmade felt toys are soft, yet durable. It’s the perfect material for kids who are a little rough on toys. Check out these super simple felt toys!

Easy Felt Turtle Toy

Felt Mermaid

Felt Play Food

Easy Felt Whale Toy

Felt Minion Finger Puppets

Decorate Your Own Felt Gingerbread House

Felt Alien

Felt Llama

Homemade Toys that are better than store bought toys.
47+ Handmade Toys

Cardboard Toys

Extra cardboard can be turned into amazing toys for kids! Try building a space shuttle or shop to encourage your kids to use their imaginations.

Cardboard Space Shuttle

Matchbox Car Cardboard Tube Garage

Cardboard Skee Ball

Cardboard Play Shop

Crocheted Toys

If you’re able to crochet, here are a couple of super easy toys your kids will love!

Bunny Finger Puppets with Accessories

Crocheted Baby Doll

Clothespin Toys

Clothespins aren’t as widely used nowadays, but a small pack of wooden clothespins can be turned into super cute creations. Check out these airplane and car toys!

Easy Clothespin Airplanes

Clothespin Cars

Homemade Dolls

Homemade dolls can be tailored to your kids! If your little one loves a specific color, outfit, or hairstyle, you can customize your dolls to perfectly please your little ones.

Peg Dolls

Angel Yarn Doll

Homemade Playdoh

Playdoh can dry out quickly, so making your own is a great way to save money! Plus, when you make your own, you know exactly what’s in it (which is especially important if you have a little one who puts everything in her mouth, like me!). Check out these super easy recipes.

Homemade Playdough

Gluten Free PlayDoh

4-Ingredient Playdough

Handmade Puppets

Puppets are so versatile. Create these super cute puppets and reuse them over and over again.

Three Little Pigs Puppets


Check out these amazing educational toy ideas. From learning about science through toy rocket ships to engineering your own pom pom shooter, these toys are sure to keep kids busy for hours.

Disney’s Toy Story Inspired Rocketships

LEGO Fidget Spinner

Pom Pom Shooter

DIY Bug Jar

DIY Parachute

Water Balloon Yoyo

Minecraft Bow & Arrow Craft

DIY Bouncy Balls

47+ Awesome Handmade Toys
47+ Awesome Handmade Toys

Imaginative Toys

Inspire your kids to imagine their lives as rock stars or kings and queens with these imaginative play toys!

DIY Musical Instruments

Denim Play Crown

Other Fun Tutorials

Here are a couple of additional tutorials to keep your kids inspired at home.

Homemade Craft Box Tutorial

DIY Wooden Toy Tutorial

Guide to Common Household Objects as Toys!

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