how to be a successful stay at home mom

How to be a Successful Stay at Home Mom – 11 Expert Tips

Being a stay-at-home mom is no easy task. How do you juggle it all? How do you keep the house clean and make dinner on time? And how can I be a successful stay-at-home mom? There are many questions that come to mind when we think about being a successful stay-at-home mom. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 expert tips for being a successful stay-at-home mom.

Benefits of being a SAHM

Before we talk about how to be a successful stay-at-home mom, let’s talk about why being a stay-at-home mom is so amazing!

Being a stay-at-home mom gives you the opportunity to do the things you love while spending more time with your family.

No commute, no office politics, and a nice break from technology allow stay-at-home moms to focus on what’s important: their kids! Staying home allows for lots of flexibility too – you can set up an at-home business or work part-time if desired.

Being a stay-at-home mom is an amazing journey, and it’s important to remember that no two moms are the same. Whether you’re at home because of your family or for personal preference, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a SAHM!

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11 Expert Tips to Be Successful as a SAHM

Being a stay-at-home mom seems like it should be easy. It’s not. It’s far more difficult than anyone might guess. So here are 11 expert tips for mastering your stay-at-home-mom role.

Get On a Schedule

One of the most important aspects to being a successful stay-at-home mom is having a schedule. How many people are there in your family? If it’s more than just you, you need to get on and stick with some kind of routine! Keep yourself organized by getting it down on paper (or in an app!).

Being on a schedule will help you become more productive in what needs to be done around the house. You’ll also feel less stressed because everything will have a place and time for it!

Get Dressed Every Day

If your job is to be home, it’s tempting to stay in your pajamas. But that doesn’t mean you can neglect your hygiene!

It’s best to get dressed every day. Getting dressed helps your brain know that it’s time to start the day. It’s a great example to set for your kids and you will feel more productive.

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Practice Self Care

As a stay-at-home mom, it can be easy to put yourself last. But you are just as important!

Take time for self-care – whether that is taking a bath or reading something on your kindle. You deserve it and your children will benefit from having an extra happy, healthy mother too!

Require Quiet Time (for everyone)

Downtime is great for everyone. It’s important to do this for yourself and your children to learn how to settle themselves, play quietly, and decompress. Create a daily quiet time routine. We find it works best after lunch!

Set Goals

Successful people know where they are going. How do you want your life to be in a year? In five years? You might not get there overnight, but establishing goals will help keep you on track and motivated! Be sure to consider both family goals and parenting goals.

How to be a Successful Stay at Home Mom
How to be a Successful Stay at Home Mom

Move Your Body

As a stay-at-home mom, it’s easy to get into a rut and not exercise. It’s important that you make time for yourself! Exercise can be as simple as taking the dog on an extra-long walk or making your own workout with YouTube tutorials.

When you exercise your body, you’re more likely to sleep better and feel happier. And, of course, you’ll be more productive if you’re fit and healthy!

Plan Outings

Outings seem like a lot of work when you have young kids. But getting out of the house is so important for everyone in the family. A picnic in the park or a stroll through the zoo can help your physical health and your mood.

Outings are also a great way to make memories with your kids. They will remember the adventures you take them on and it’s important for their emotional health too!

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Limit Your Screen Time

The single best way you can be a better mom is to monitor your own screen time. If you were to track your screen time usage for a week, you would probably underestimate how much you’re on your phone… by a lot.

Your phone is designed to hold your attention without you realizing it. It’s sucking away precious minutes of your day with very little to show for it. Set up a screen time tracking app on your phone. Decide how much time is acceptable for you, then hold yourself accountable.

Prioritize Quality Sleep

We’re not going to sugarcoat this: sleep is important. You need it! Sleep helps you work better, be less stressed, and have a happier mood. How many hours of sleep do you need? It’s different for everyone – but most adults will feel the best with seven full hours of restful slumber each night.

It’s very easy to sacrifice sleep for chores or “me” time, but don’t make a habit of it! Make your sleep a priority and you’ll find that your brain and body will benefit.

Schedule Time Off

You need time off from being the primary caregiver. Even the most balanced moms need a break. And it’s extremely easy to let time pass without getting one. Get your “me” breaks on the schedule. Make sure your partner knows that you’re not available. Schedule a paid babysitter. Or drop your little ones off at their grandparents. You need it.

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Find Something Fulfilling Other than Parenting

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your children is to find something fulfilling outside of parenting. This will help your kids realize that you have passions outside of them and will make it easier to take time off from parenting.

This is also a great way for your children to learn about different careers and explore their options when they grow up too!

You may want to volunteer at school, take a class online, or get involved in an organization that interests you. The benefits are huge: it could help improve your mood, make new friends, and give back to others!

The Bottom Line

Successful stay-at-home moms know how to balance self-care with taking care of their children. How do you take time for yourself? How can you make your life more fulfilling outside of parenting? What are some tips and tricks that work best at home? Share your thoughts with me here!

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