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Kinetic Sand – 7 Reasons You Need To Buy Some Now

Last Updated on September 11, 2021.

Confession: I spent years avoiding kinetic sand. Even a conversation about kinetic sand would prompt nightmares of beach sand stuck in my carpet. It was in the league of glitter: absolutely not in my house. I was already tolerating Playdoh, and that was as far as I’d go.

Then my kids were gifted a bag of blue kinetic sand. All I could think was: How am I going to avoid this disaster?

But I was SO wrong.

It turns out, kinetic sand isn’t messy at all. It’s our go-to when we need to kill a little time, or if we need a break from more stressful activities. Honestly, it’s turned into a lifesaver. Here are the 7 reasons you really need to invest in kinetic sand today.

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It seems magical

This stuff looks like sand, feels like sand, but absolutely does not behave like sand. It sticks together, almost like it’s magnetized. You can see and feel the sand pull together. And when you let it drip out of your hand, it seems to defy gravity. Even for adults, it appears to have magical properties.

Want the nerdy explanation? It is actual sand, but its coated in silicone oil. This means the sand will never dry out. And silicone oil has a unique property where they can be both a free flowing liquid, and a semi-solid, where they combine together (like in a kinetic sand ball). This unique property is called viscoelasticity. And you could actually make your own! Check out this tutorial.

It’s not messy

The fact that it sticks together is a huge benefit. It makes cleanup ridiculously easy. My 3 year old can have her’s picked up in 2 minutes flat. Even if you drop some on the floor, you can easily sweep it up. It’s not like regular beach sand that finds it’s way into every nook and cranny.

It’s therapeutic

Letting kinetic sand flow through your fingers is mesmerizing. It has a calming effect on even the most high-strung in our family. Just handling the sand is therapeutic. When you add a few small cups and bowls to the mix, you can spend hour enjoying the magical properties we already discussed!

It promotes endless creativity

You can do so many things with the sand alone! If you add small molds (or even just small kitchen utensils like sauce bowls, Dixie cups, and spoons), you can create all sorts of sand castles, superhero compounds, or pretend baked goods. Kinetic sand also comes in multiple colors, which can be mixed to create even MORE colors. This just adds to your creative opportunities. The possibilities are endless!

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It’s great for development

Kinetic sand is an outstanding tool for promoting development. It improved eye/hand coordination, increases sensory awareness, and promotes creativity. It provides unique ways to teach things like shapes, letters, and numbers. And It can also be used in science experiments!

Kinetic Sand seems scary for moms, but it's actually a super valuable parenting tool. Here are the 7 reasons you need it in your arsenal!
Kinetic Sand seems scary for moms, but it's actually a super valuable parenting tool. Here are the 7 reasons you need it in your arsenal!

It lasts forever

One of the things I don’t like about Play-Doh is how quickly it dries out. The same goes for molding clay. This is not something you have to worry about with kinetic sand. It will never dry out. It cannot be damaged in any way. Kinetic sand will last FOREVER. This is great for your budget!

It’s not super dangerous

You might think that this stuff could be dangerous. Like I mentioned, it seems magnetized (yikes!), and when you hear that it’s coated in silicone oil, that sounds dangerous (double yikes!). But it’s actually non-toxic. If your little one puts some in their mouth, it’s not going to poison them. It can be a choke hazard, however, so it’s intended for children over the age of 3!

Where To Buy Kinetic Sand

Our first batch of kinetic sand came from ALDI. I’ve also hear of moms finding it at other Dollar or Discount stores, but it can be hard to find, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you want kinetic sand now, you can find it at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. You can purchase through our affiliate links below (at no extra cost to you). You’re support is so greatly appreciated!

Do you have experience with kinetic sand? What’s your favorite activity? Share in the comments below!

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