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Layers of Earth Projects – 4 Super Easy Science Crafts

Last Updated on March 9, 2021.

Engaging science projects is the key to keeping kids interested in science. Learning about the Earth can seem like an abstract concept. But here are 5 super easy layers of earth projects to help your kids understand this truly fascinating subject!

1. Inside Out Earth

I love this super simple playdoh model of the Earth’s layers from Kids can craft this one on their own with just a few colors of playdoh. The tutorial includes amazingly easy bonus tip on how to explain core samples. Check it out here!

Inside Out earth playdoh craft

2. What’s Inside the Earth Craft

Here’s another super simple craft that most kids could handle on their own from It requires only basic craft supplies like glue and construction paper, plus a single metal brad. This post includes an entire lesson plan to help kids really understand the science behind the layers of Earth! Check it out here.

What's inside the earth paper craft

3. Rock and Fossil Magnet Project

This easy DIY project comes from It’s less about understanding the big picture of our Earth’s layers, and more about hands on experience with the actual material of the Earth’s layers: rocks and fossils! This project will help you and your kids really appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of rocks. Check out the DIY project here!

rock and fossil magnets

4. Layers of the Earth Bowls

I absolutely love this super creative way to illustrate the layers of the Earth. With a few basic kitchen supplies you can make these amazing bowls, and with a little paint you can turn them into a layers of the earth diagram! Check out this amazing tutorial from here!

Layers of earth bowls

Looking for other kid’s activities? Check out our archive of super easy kid’s activities here!

Layers of earth projects
layer of earth projects

Do you have any super cool Layers of the Earth projects? Share them in the comments below!

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