how to make a pack n play comfortable

The Best 6 Ways to Make Your Pack n Play More Comfortable

No one enjoys being uncomfortable, especially when you are trying to sleep. This is how pack n plays are often described by parents who have put their little ones down for the night only to find that they cannot get comfortable and end up waking themselves and their child in the process. There are a few quick and easy ways to make your pack n play more comfortable, as well as some other ideas that can help ensure your little one gets a good night’s rest!

Quickest & Easiest Way

The absolute quickest and easiest way to make your little one comfortable in their pack n play is to purchase a mattress.

There are a number of options, each with unique features. They are all designed to fit perfectly in your pack n play (including off-brand portable cribs) and offer a safe sleep environment for your baby.

The Best Pack n Play Mattresses

The Most Comfy

Dial Sided Pack n Play Mattress for Babies and Toddlers

We love this Pack n Play mattress because it’s perfect for any age. It contains two different sides: a firm side perfect for babies and a soft side to help toddlers sleep through the night. The cover is textured and soft, and it fits perfectly into our Graco Pack’n’Play and the off-brand play-yard (from Costco) at my parents house. We highly recommend this mattress! Check it out here.

The Best Value

Milliard Memory Foam Pack N ‘ Play Mattress Top

This one is advertised as a “mattress top”, but it’s very similar to all the other pack n play mattresses. It’s slightly thinner, but it’s still soft. Plus, more than 7000 Amazon reviewers give it a full five stars! Check it out here.

The Best for Traveling

Tri-fold Portable Pack n Play Mattress

This Pack n Play mattress is amazing for vacations and road trips. It folds up nicely (just like a pack n’ play!), but is still thick enough to make the pack n play more comfy. We’ve never had an issue with ours, and we’re not alone. Amazon reviewers give it almost 5 full stars. Check it out here.

how to make a pack n play more comfortable
how to help a baby sleep comfortably in a pack n play

Other Ideas for Make the Pack n Play Comfy

Here are a few additional ideas to ensure your baby’s comfort while sleeping in a pack n play.

Get comfy pack n play sheets

Whether you purchase a pack n play mattress or not, having a pack n play set of sheets will make sleeping in your baby’s crib more comfortable.

There are many different types and styles to choose from, but it is important that you buy one designed specifically for the mattress within your pack n play or portable crib. This ensures optimal comfort and safety as well!

We love these inexpensive sheets from Amazon. They come in a two-pack and there’s plenty of patterns to choose from. They’re soft and stretchy, and they’ve held up well to many, many washes.

Pack ‘n Play Fitted Sheets

Remove all non-essentials from the pack n play

Just as with a normal crib, it’s important to keep all non-essentials out of the pack n play. Not only is this important for your child’s safety, but it’s also to keep your baby comfy. Rolling over onto stuffed animals with hard eyes and noses can disrupt sleep, as can getting tangled in unnecessary blankets or pillows.

Keep the room dark

Do what you can to minimize the light around your baby. This will help them stay asleep for longer. It’s also great for you, as a parent, if your baby can sleep through the night!

Ensure adequate air flow

Airflow is often overlooked as a comfort factor for pack n plays. The sides are mesh and designed to allow air to flow freely around the baby. Make sure you pull the pack n play away from walls or hard objects, and refrain from hanging blankets or clothing over the side of the pack ‘n play.

Use a wearable sleep blanket

Dress your baby in a seasonally appropriate sleep blanket or sleep sack for optimal comfort. We love the Zipadee Zip, but any wearable blanket or sleep sack will do the trick!

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best ways how to make your pack ‘n play more comfy for baby is to purchase a mattress and sheets specifically designed for your pack n play. Here are our favorites:

You can also take extra steps to maximize comfort by eliminating objects from the crib, keeping the room dark, maximizing air flow, and using a wearable blanket like the Zipadee Zip.

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