what to do if mom is dreaming of baby dying

Mom’s Worst Nightmare: Why Some Moms Dream of Baby Dying

The dream of a baby dying is one that many mothers (and fathers) dread. While they can be distressing and upsetting, they don’t necessarily mean anything in particular. In this blog post we’ll explore what causes these types of dreams to occur and why some moms dream about their babies dying.

Why do we have nightmares?

Everyone’s bound to have nightmares on occasion. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive explanation as to why humans dream at all, much less have nightmares that are frightening and awaken you in the night. One theory is that dreams are one way that humans process emotions and consolidate memories. In that case, nightmares would be the brains way of dealing with things like stress, anxiety and trauma.

The point remains, however, that even sleep experts and neuroscientists are uncertain as to why we have dreams and nightmares.

Why moms dream of baby dying

If dreaming is a way for humans to process emotions, then it’s likely that moms who dream of a baby dying is a way for her to process her fear, anxiety, and worry over her baby.

Some sleep experts believe that dreams contain symbolism about your waking life. In other words, dream symbols represent different things to you depending on your experiences and the context of what’s going on in your life at that moment.

Symbolism of Death in Dreams

  • Death of your old life (or part of it) – Parenting is a huge life change. Dreaming of your baby dying might not be about your literal baby dying, but rather your old life dying now that you’ve entered parenthood.
  • Death of your dreams – Another possibility is that the death of your baby symbolizes the death of dreams that you may have had to give up to have a child of your own.
  • Death of your inner child – The death of your baby could also represent the death of your inner child or your innocence now that you’re a parent.

How to Stop the Nightmares

Sorry, there’s no sure-fire way to end your nightmares. But there are things you can do reduce the risk of having a nightmare.

Process your emotions before bed, if possible –

If you’re stressed or upset about something, then you want to try and work it out before bed. Journaling can be a great way for moms to process their emotions at the end of the day. You could try meditation or yoga, or any other calming activity that will help you cope with big feelings.

Dream journaling

Some people find dream journaling helpful. This is a dream diary where you record your dreams in the morning. This allows you to remember them and think about what they might mean or symbolize.

Avoid sleep aids & stimulants

Some people experience more dreams and nightmares when they use sleep aids, so avoid them if possible. Also avoid any chemical stimulants before bed, like caffeine.

Stick to a routine for

Routines help your body prepare for sleep, which in turn can reduce the likelihood of nightmares. Try to stick with a regular schedule that allows you to get enough rest every night.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep at

Sleep depravation can trigger nightmares. If you find that you’re having trouble sleeping at night or getting by on too few hours of sleep, then this could be what’s triggering your nightmares.

why moms have nightmares about their baby dying
why moms dream of babies dying

How to settle when the nightmare wakes you

It’s impossible to avoid nightmares all together, but you can develop a routine to get yourself back to sleep. Here are some strategies to consider:

Practice breathing

Calming breathing techniques can help you relax and fall back asleep. Breathe in for a count of five, hold it for six seconds, then breathe out slowly over the next seven seconds. Repeat this as many times as necessary until your heart rate and breathing slow down and you’re ready to sleep again.

Get a night light

Night lights can help kids (and adults) feel safe when they wake up in the middle of a nightmare.


Keep a pen and notebook next to your bed. When you’re awakened by a nightmare, jot down the details that you can remember. Sometimes just putting the thoughts down on paper can help you get back to sleep.

Find a calming activity

You might find that you’re able to go back to sleep after completing a calming activity. This could be something simple like listening to slow music or reading a chapter from your current novel.

Avoid screens!

If you find yourself waking up from a bad dream, turn off your phone and shut down the TV. The blue light emitted by screens can make it harder to go back to sleep once you wake up in the middle of the night.

The Bottom Line

A dream of baby dying is not uncommon. But for the moms who have the dream of baby dying, it can be distressing for new parents. But there are things that you can do to cope with the stress and reduce your risk of having nightmares in the future. There are also strategies you can use to get yourself back to sleep after a lucid, terrifying nightmare.

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