permissive parenting pros and cons

Permissive Parenting: Pros and Cons for 2021

Permissive parents have been getting a lot of criticism recently, but in all fairness, they do have their fair share of supporters. The debate has been going on for years and there are many pros and cons to permissive parenting. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons so you can decide what type of parenting style is best for your family!

What is Permissive Parenting?

As a permissive parent, you allow your children to have more freedom and independence than other parents might. You make rules but are not as strict about them, or enforce consequences less often when they’re broken. This style of parenting may seem like the best option for many people who don’t want their children to feel stifled by restrictions, but there are many cases where permissive parenting has been shown to have negative consequences.

Permissive Parents typically fall someone along a spectrum. There are extremely permissive parents, who have no idea what their children are doing or who they are with most of the time. And then there are parents on the other end of the spectrum who do have some rules and consequences, and they generally understand what their children are up to. But they do exhibit some traits of permissive parents.

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Traits of Permissive Parents

Here’s are the common characteristics of a permissive parent:

  • often show affection and love towards kids
  • ask their child’s opinion on major decisions
  • rarely give children responsibilities such as chores
  • regularly use bribes with their children
  • provide little or no routine, structure, or schedule for kids
  • have very few rules or standards for their children
  • rules are not enforced
  • consequences are mild or non-existent
  • behave like their child friend rather than a parent
  • share personal information with their children
  • do not have any expectations for what the child can or cannot do
  • have low levels of supervision

Examples of Permissive Parenting

Some examples of permissive parenting are:

  • Parents who buy anything a child asks for
  • Children who have no bedtime
  • Parents who allow children to eat candy or ice cream for breakfast
  • Parents who let their children play in the neighborhood with no supervision or accountability
permissive parenting pros and cons
permissive parenting pros and cons

Pros of Permissive Parenting

Permissive parenting can lead children to be:

  • happier than their peers
  • have a better sense of unconditional love (because they can misbehave and their parents still indulge them)
  • more creative
  • deeply connected to family, especially parents
  • more self-confident

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Cons of Permissive Parenting

Children who are raised by permissive parents tend to:

  • lack self-control and regulation
  • lack boundaries
  • exhibit riskier behavior
  • have difficulty following rules
  • exhibit antisocial behavior
  • have difficulty accepting authority
  • are more irresponsible
  • be more selfish
  • lack coping skills
  • struggle with adversity
  • are at greater risk of physical harm
  • are more prone to follow along with peer pressure
  • become entitled

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The Bottom Line

Permissive parenting isn’t for everyone. It’s a parenting style that many people don’t agree with. But it works for some families. Some argue that it can have positive effects, while others say the negatives outweigh the positives and are not worth it in the end. We’ve outlined the pros and cons so you can consider if permissive parenting is right for your family!

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