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Positive Parenting Tips: 13 Quick Tips for Better Behavior Today

You’re overwhelmed. You feel like nothing you do is good enough for your child and everything you try has failed. Positive parenting can help! These 13 quick tips will give you the boost of confidence and skills that will make a difference today, no matter what age your children are. Positive parenting starts with one small change to your mindset – so start here and make a positive change in your life today!

What is Positive Parenting?

Positive parenting is a mindset that starts with the belief that all children want to behave in acceptable ways and are capable of doing so. Positive parents believe their job isn’t just about changing behavior, but also shaping the future for good – they aren’t giving their kids tough love, they’re teaching them how to develop self-control now so when they grow up, they have a better chance of making good choices. This parenting style is about empowering children to be successful and happy adults in the future.

Why does positive parenting work?

Positive parenting is an effective parenting methodology because it’s a mindset and not just a set of tactics. Positive parenting is about raising children as a whole person, not just handling their behavior. It always starts with changing your own beliefs to make room for more positivity in your life. When you start thinking “everyone wants to behave in acceptable ways” instead of “some kids don’t want to behave”, you’re on the right track to being a positive parent. Positive parenting, done well and consistently, is about creating change from the inside out which then leads to long-term changes in behavior – and that’s why it works!

13 Positive Parenting Quick Tips for Better Behavior Today

Here are 13 quick and easy positive parenting tips that you can start using right now.

Connect Daily 

Positive parenting is based on the idea that kids want to feel a sense of belonging and significance. The best way to make kids feel like they belong is to connect with them on a daily basis. You don’t have to spend a ton of time finding moments to connect. You can do it as you go about your day! Have your kids help in the kitchen, or do a puzzle together while you’re waiting for laundry to finish.

Pro tip: If you only use one of our positive parenting tips, make it htis one! It will have the biggest and quickest impact on your kids behavior.

Prioritize Sleep

Kids need sleep to function and grow. Positive parents prioritize sleep for their children and teach them that they can accomplish anything if they are well-rested. Encourage kids to have a healthy relationship with sleep – not just telling them it’s important, but also laying out the importance of getting enough hours per night in order to be at their best.

Limit Screen Time

Screen time is not inherently bad, but how much your kids watch does factor into their behavior. Positive parenting strategies for screen time include limiting the number of hours per day that are allowed and teaching children to be mindful about when they choose to use technology.

Spend Time Outside Daily

Positive parents teach their children the importance of being in nature and how that can help them feel more calm, relaxed, and present throughout the day. Getting outdoors with your family helps kids be happier and healthier overall.

Eat Dinner Together

Dinner is a great time for positive parents to connect with their children. Positive parenting includes teaching kids about the importance of eating well and sharing meals as a family – this doesn’t have to happen every night, but it should be encouraged!

Require Contributions

Chores are a big part of positive parenting because they teach children about the importance of giving back. Positive parents require their kids to contribute so that they can learn how to take care of themselves, and others, in a healthy way.

positive parenting tips
positive parenting tips

Offer Choices

Offering choices gives your kids power and autonomy. Positive parenting is about building self-efficacy and giving children choices teaches them that they have power. Choices can be simple, like would you like grapes or oranges for a snack. Or do you want to shower or brush your teeth first?

Read Together

One of the most powerful things you can do with your kids is read together. Positive parents make sure to spend time reading with their children each day. Positive parenting includes teaching kids the importance of literacy and how it can help them in many ways throughout life – not just for school!

Control the Environment

Set your kids up for success by eliminating distractions, dangers, and temptations from the environment. For example, if you know your child isn’t old enough to use markers safely, don’t leave markers within reach. Positive parenting is about creating a healthy environment for your kids to thrive.

Empower Kids to be Independent

Don’t do things for your kids that they can do themselves. Positive parents give their children the opportunity to learn how to be independent and self-sufficient. This is sometimes called “lazy parenting,” but it’s actually quite healthy for kids to learn to do things for themselves.

Focus on Routines

Kids need routines. Positive parents recognize that and create routines so their children know what to expect in any situation. Positive parenting also includes teaching kids how important it is for them to have a routine because they thrive on predictability! Try starting with a night time routine before a school day. It can have a huge impact on your child’s behavior.

Practice Emotional Regulation Strategies

Positive parents teach their children how to manage and regulate emotions. Some strategies for regulating emotions include practicing mindfulness, deep breathing, or using a mantra like “I am calm.” Positive parents encourage kids to talk through problems they are having with friends or siblings so that they can learn healthy ways of coping.

Have Family Meetings Weekly

Family meetings can be an important part of positive parenting. Positive parents recognize that it’s a great way for the family to connect on a regular basis and also give kids the opportunity to communicate openly and problem-solve together.

The Bottom Line

Positive parenting is about creating a healthy environment for your children to thrive. Positive parents give their kids the opportunity to learn how to be independent, self-sufficient, and well-rounded members of society! Use these 13 Positive Parenting Tips to help your kids grow into amazing humanbeings.

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