push presents for dads

18 Best Push Presents for Dads… if he deserves one!

Push presents. Find out all about this modern trend and how dads fit into the mix. Plus, discover our picks for great push presents for dads (if they deserve one).

I personally think this trend is the result of parents waiting until later in life to have kids. They tend to be well into their careers, which allows them more disposable income to use on luxuries such as push presents.

What are push presents?

Push presents are gifts for moms-to-be to encourage them to endure labor and delivery. They’re typically given after the baby has been born, and tend to be on the expensive side. Push presents are typically given by dads, but they can be gifted to expectant moms from other people as well.

Why do dads deserve push presents?

Ok, so I’m on the fence here.

Moms do all the work during labor and delivery. They’ve carried the baby for nine months and push it out of their bodies. They totally deserve a lavish gift for the amount of effort and energy they’ve spent growing a tiny human inside their bodies, then pushing an 8 pound bowling ball out of their vagina.

What have dads done?

Well, they’ve probably put up with days and days of hormonal rage, fetched an endless number of strange food combinations in the middle of the night, and helped mom-to-be put on her pants for the last several months. Even though they aren’t doing the pushing, they probably deserve some sort of push present at the end of pregnancy. Maybe.

The best push presents for dad

Daddy Diaper Bag

I’m all in favor of presents that dads can actually use. If you’re looking for a useful push present for dad, then look no further than the daddy diaper bag. It’s a great push present that doubles as an awesome gift beyond just labor and delivery. Dad will love a more manly baby accessory for when he’s responsible fo the little one. Here are our favorites:

Daddy Mug

If dad is a coffee drinker, get him a push present mug so he can show off his paternal pride.

Dad T-Shirt

Help dad express his new found daddy duties with a funny t-shirt. He’ll love it and wear it all the time!

Dad Bracelet

If dad likes to accessorize, get him a nice push present bracelet. He’ll love the push presents for dads!

Dad Keepsake

A fun keepsake like framed footprints is a great push present for dads. He’ll cherish the push presents forever!

Funny Dad Gifts

The Bottom Line

Whether or not dads deserve a push present is debatable. But if your husband has been an outstanding pregnancy partner, consider getting him one of these push presents for dads!

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push presents for dads
push presents for dads
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