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7 Days of Adventurous Explorer Activities

  • Includes Pre-planned Activities, so your kids can play together independently.
  • Encourages Imaginative Play for hours of cooperation, adventure, and fun.
  • Perfect for ages 6 to 12, no fancy supplies or materials required, and limited parental guidance needed!
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Does this sound like you?

  • You search endlessly online for activities to keep your kids busy.
  • You wish your kids could play independently for more than a few minutes.
  • You’re constantly breaking up fights over toys because your kids just won’t cooperate.
  • You feel guilty because you resort to screen time too often.
  • You are sick of resorting to the same activities day in and day out.


So What’s Included?

  • 7 unique daily activities for hours of explorer themed fun
  • Detailed instructions for each activity, including advanced options for an added challenge
  • Printable coloring and drawing activities
  • 5 short bonus activities, such as Mad Libs to extend the explorer fun
  • Printable cutouts for interactive games
  • Imaginative prompts for creative playtime
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Frequently Asked Questions

Encourage Your Kids to Explore.

Hours of Creative and Independent Play

Sibling Cooperation and Relationship Building

100% Screen-Free Entertainment

The Sibling Explorer Kit

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