Wondering why swinging is one of the best activities for kids? Here’s how swinging benefits kids, and why you should do it every single day.

How Swinging Benefits Kids – And Why You Should Swing Them Daily

Wondering why swinging is one of the best activities for kids? Here’s how swinging benefits your kids, and why you should do it every single day.

Most parents already know that their kids should get outside to play daily. But you might not know that one of the best activities your kids can do is spend time on a swing. The benefits of swinging children are plentiful, for both you and your babe. Here’s your complete guide to starting a daily habit of swinging!

At what age can a child use a swing?

You can swing infants if you have the proper swing. Infants need a swing that’s fully supportive of their neck and back. It should also fasten securely so there’s no risk of them falling out! When your baby has some control over their head and neck, they can start swinging. Typically this happens by 6 months old. 

Can swinging a baby cause brain damage?

While falling from a baby swing could cause brain injuries, there’s no evidence that properly swinging a baby can cause brain damage. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use, and limit swinging sessions to 30 minutes for very young babies.

Wondering why swinging is one of the best activities for kids? Here’s how swinging benefits kids, and why you should do it every single day.
Wondering why swinging is one of the best activities for kids? Here’s how swinging benefits kids, and why you should do it every single day.

Benefits of Swinging Children

Ok, so swinging a baby won’t cause brain damage, but is swinging healthy for kids? The answer is a resounding YES! Here are all the amazing benefits of swinging kids, especially outside.

Body Benefits of Swinging 

There are many body benefits for swinging kids. Here are the pros: 

  • Helps develop core strength because of the gravitational pull
  • Strengthens back and neck muscles 
  • Eases the natural pressure that develops on the backbone
  • Develops balance and equilibrium
  • Helps kids develops an awareness of the position and movement of the body (known as proprioception)
  • Offers soothing or relaxing stimulation to the body
  • Improves muscle control
  • Develops fine motor skills and strengthens hand grip
  • Encourages children to maintain a rhythm with their body (gross motor skills)

Brain Benefits of Swinging

Kids’ brains benefit from swinging too! Here are the pros of swinging for you child’s brain:

  • Improves blood flow to the brain
  • Offers children a unique opportunity to use their senses
  • Helps children develop spatial awareness
  • Increases mood-boosting endorphins
  • Gives them a boost of vitamin D (from sunlight)

Other Benefits of Swinging

If you’re actively engaged with your child, swinging him outside, here are some additional benefits you might experience!

  • You’ll improve your parent/child bond
  • You’ll experience stress release and calming benefits
  • You may discover an amazing calming strategy
  • You’ll build trust with your child
  • It can help your physical fitness
  • You’ll reap many other benefits of outdoor time

What swing should I buy?

OK, so I’ve convinced you it’s a good idea to swing children daily. But what swing should you buy? There are lots of swings on the market, and some of them are absolute junk. We’ve tried more swings than I can count, and we’ve found a few amazing ones. Here are the kid’s swings we’ve loved over the years.

Budget Friendly Swing for Infants

This infant swing is made by Little Tikes, is all plastic, and secures with two clips. It reclines a bit, which is perfect for babies and dries quickly unlike some of the cloth alternatives. Order this swing here.

Premium Swing for Infants

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line swing for your baby, this is the one. It’s soft, ergonomic design is comfortable for babies and toddlers. It has a three-point safety harness that’s adjustable. It also comes in three different colors! Order one here.

The Best Toddler Swing

We absolutely love this swing. It’s extremely durable, has a high back for added support, and the chain is coated to prevent little fingers from getting pinched. It’s also easy to lift toddlers in and out of this seat because the leg holes are wide. Also, it’s made in the USA. Order this swing here.

The Best Big Kid Swing

There are lots of cheap big kid swings on the market. There are flat ones (they are uncomfortable, trust me), there are super flimsy ones (we had one of these that cracked right down the middle), and there are some that have regular chains that can lead to lots of pinched fingers. We love this swing because it’s super sturdy, but bends with the weight of your child, which makes it super comfortable. And the coated chain will prevent any pinched fingers. Get this swing here.


Swinging is a great pastime for kids of all ages because it offers so many great benefits. It can also boost your bond with your child, and help you strengthen your family connection. Make swinging a daily habit for you and your little one!

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