Meal Planning done for you.

The Tired Mama Meal Plan is an all-inclusive, totally done-for-you 4-week meal plan.

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    Save Money

    Save Time

    Enjoy Dinner

    (and breakfast & lunch!)

    Do you dread making dinner because you have no idea what to make?


    Do you have to hunt ingredients to throw together to make lunch?


    Do you spend way too much eating meals out or going through a drive-thru?

    What if there was a way. . .

    …to avoid the stress of meal planning? 

    And what if grocery shopping was a breeze?

    The Tired Mama Meal Plan will give you everything you need to make easy, delicious meals at home, including:

    I get it.

    Meal planning is exhausting.
    You're out of ideas.
    You're sick of wasting money on groceries that rot in your fridge.
    You hate spending cash on unhealthy takeout and drive-thru.
    But you have no idea where to start.
    You're too exausted to try.


    What if you knew exactly what was for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week?
    What if you didn't have to figure out what to buy at the grocery store?
    What if dinner was as easy as following 5 to 7 simple steps?

    The Tired Mama Meal Plan CAN and WILL relieve your stress,
    because its all done for you! Meal time can be easy peasy.


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      Hi, I'm Holly,

      a former corporate IT professional turned three-time entrepreneur, with a full-time mom job. Before I put together the Tired Mama Meal Plan, I struggled to find a balance between my career, my family, housework, and coming up with creative, but easy meals each and every day. There were many days I just couldn’t pull it together, and dinner was usually the sacrifical priority. We ended up eating takeout or pizza delivery, again and again. I was spending way to much on wasted food (that I had every intention of cooking) and on expensive takeout (that wasn’t good for us). Not having a meal plan was costing us TWICE. This realization made me prioritize meals. And so the Tired Mama Meal Plan was born. I go back to this plan whenever we have a super busy schedule or when I hit a creativity slump and just cant come up with a new meal plan. These meals are quick and easy, but super delicious, and I am so excited to share them with you! 

      So... why now?

      We're living in uncertain times. Families are cooped up, and many are struggling through this global pandemic. A completely done-for-you meal plan for a full 4-weeks will provide some much-needed stress relief for busy moms (and dads!).

      Here's What You Get

      "I've tried meal planning. It hasn't worked. How will this be different?"

      Listen, I know how frustrating and disappointing it is when you’ve tried a system and it doesn’t work out. The thing about this plan is that it’s totally done for you! You just have to print out the menus, order the groceries, and throw the ingredients together using a short set of instructions. It’s all laid out for you!

      "What if I don't have time to cook?"

      I hear you! Sometimes cooking is time consuming. Our breakfast and lunch are conteniental style, meaning each person can grab and go. Unless you have very little kids, you shouldn’t need to help with these two meals at all. For dinner, we’ve pull together meals that take very little effort. Each week includes two slow-cooker meals (basically set it and forget it) and at least two one-pot meals (just throw it all together and let it roast or simmer). Even the busiest of moms can execute this plan.

      "How many people does this plan feed?"

      These recipes and shopping lists are intended for 4-6 people. My family of four (with two littles) always has leftovers. If you have big eaters, you can easily add extras to each recipe (meat, veggies, pasta, etc.). 

      "WOW! All this for free? What's the catch?"

       It’s true. I could be charging a lot for this plan. Afterall, it is going to take a lot of stress off your plate for nearly a month. And you can reuse it over and over again. But I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you. We’re living in very unusual times, and I want you to stop thinking ‘someday I’ll figure this out.’ I want TODAY to be the day you say goodbye to the stress of meal planning

      "Can I buy this, try this, and then get a refund?"

      Since we’re offering this digital item for free for a limited time, you wont need a refund!

      "How much time is required to execute this plan?"

      There’s very little effort required on your end. Just purchase the groceries (or order them online and have them delivered), and plan to spend between 5 to 20 minutes actively prepping and cooking on most days. Some recipes require a long cook time, but your attention is not needed. You can go about your day while it cooks! If needed, you can rearrange the meals to fit your schedule! Slow cooker meals can be prepped the day. There’s a blank template for you to write in your own plan.

      "What kind of meals are included?"

      You’ll find delicious meals that will quickly become family favorites. Our One-Pot Lasagna tastes just like a traditional Italian lasagna, but with less than 10 minutes of effort. Our easy peasy Nacho Table is sure to be among the most requested kid meals. It also includes other classics like Tacos and Spaghetti, as well as Slow Cooker Pork Chops and Sheet-Pan Steak and Veggies. Breakfasts and lunch are easy grab and go options like Bagels, Muffins, Sandwiches, and Salads. In addition, we’ve included recipes for you to make your own shortcuts, like big batches of freezer-ready Italian meatballs, and simple (but delicious) pizza sauce. 

      "Can I reuse this meal plan?"

      Yes! You’ll get instant access to the meal plan, and then you can use it every month if you’d like! Or just reuse it when you’ve got a hectic schedule. It’s yours to reuse forever.

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        Who is the Tired Mama Meal Plan for?

        Busy Working Parents

        The truth is you can’t do everything. If you’re pursuing a career, maintaining adult relationships, raising little ones, and keeping a tidy home, then meal planning is probably on the back burner for you. Coming up with new, creative, tasty meals for every day of the week just isn’t in the cards. But if all the planning is done for you, then it’s easy to commit just a few minutes a day to have delicious meals for the whole family.

        Stay-at-Home Parents

        Let’s be honest. Being a stay at home parent is absolutely a full-time job. If you’re at home with the kids all day every day, you’re probably spending most of your time entertaining kids and cleaning up messes. You have no idea how to keep up with everything, so planning meals probably doesn’t make the list. But you can easily check off meal planning with the Tired Mama Meal Plan. 

        Individuals/Couples with Crazy Schedules

        You don’t have to have children to benefit from a done-for-you meal plan. You certainly have career objectives, hobbies and activities you’d rather be doing than meal planning! Or maybe you love cooking, but hate the planning part. With the Tired Mama Meal Plan, you can spend time doing things you love, and avoid the dreaded meal planning and list prepping parts of having delicious home-cooked meals each and every day.


        how nice it would be to look at your fridge and see this week's menu, already done for you? And to have a convenient grocery list to shop from, so you dont waste money on ingredients you don't need? You could be spending minutes a day on meals, but still enjoying delicious, home-cooked dinners with your family. You could be enjoying the warm summer weather with your family instead of trying to find inspiration for new, creative meals. You could be focused on your favorite hobbies instead of trying to pull together your grocery list for the week.

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