Toys for siblings to share

11 Best Toys for Siblings to Share – End Sibling Squabbles Today!

Keep kids busy without the sibling squabbles! Here are the best toys for siblings to share.

My parents have a terrible habit of buying two of the same toy to prevent my kids from fighting. We don’t need two every toy… and my kids need to learn how to share and cooperate! So we’ve been on a mission to find toys that are conducive to sharing.

Are your kids always fighting? Do you wish they would just get along? Here’s our list of the best toys for siblings to share! Help them get along using toys that require cooperation.

Double Sided Art Easel

We love this two sided art easel! Each of our kids can create their own masterpiece without having to share space. It offers the options of paper, chalk, or a white board. It’s perfect for creative kids. Get the one here.

Do you have three kids? Try this THREE sided easel!

Building Blocks

We love building with Duplos. We usually choose a large construction, like a princess castle or superhero base, so we can all work together to create one masterpiece. Any set of building blocks will work! Get our favorite box of Duplos here.

Toy Kitchen

Your kids will get hours of fun out of a play kitchen. It’s an opportunity for open ended play, where they can come up with delicious dinners playing ‘family’, or craft exotic menus playing ‘cafe’! Get this sturdy Melissa & Doug Wooden kitchen here.

Don’t forget the play food! We love this large set of play food and cookware.

Tea Set

One of my kid’s favorite things to do when guests come over is to set up a tea party. I like this brightly colored plastic set because its BPA free and my kids can use real water for their tea party. Check it out here.

Kinetic Sand

If you’re on my email list, you know I love kinetic sand. I was skeptical at first, but it turns out its an great toy for kids to share. It offers a plethora of play options, has therapeutic qualities to tame tantrums, and it’s easy to clean up. Get a starter set here!

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Pop-Up Playhouse and Ball Pit

We bought this playlet during the pandemic when I was desperate for something to keep my kids occupied when it was too cold to go outside. It turns out it’s an amazingly versatile toy. You don’t even need the balls for kids to enjoy this setup. It can become a pretend pool, a house, a cave and tunnel, and a million other things. Get our favorite one here!

If you want to add balls to the ball pit, this pack is enough to keep your kids busy. Be warned, they take a while to clean up!


Here’s the most versatile toy yet. And kids are absolutely fascinated by walkie talkies. They can pretend to be police officers, or that they have their own cell phones. You’ll probably be surprised how quickly they’ll run down the batteries on these little things. Bonus: they come in many colors! Here’s the set we have for our girls.

Do you need three walkie talkies? No problem, they sell a trio here!


Puzzles are great boredom busters. My kids do puzzles nearly every day. Plus, they promote brain growth and development! They can be done inside on rainy or cold days, or you can take them outside and enjoy the great outdoors while putting puzzles together. We really like the Disney sets of puzzles, but any fun characters will do! Check out this Toy Story set.

Need something a little more difficult? Try this Disney Villains set.

Board Games

A cabinet of boardgames is an invaluable tool to teach kids to cooperate. Board games have set rules to follow, which makes it easier for kids to get along. Our favorites for young kids are Guess Who, Connect Four, Candy Land, and Match Game… but any board games will do!

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Best toys for kids to share
Best toys for siblings to share

Set of Books

A set of age appropriate books is a great toy for siblings to share. They can take turns reading out loud, or they can each read a book and then swap. Bonus: It’s educational! We love book sets like this one.

Fort Kit

I’ll be honest. Forts are frustrating for me. It’s hard to get them to stay up and they often aren’t tall enough. This fort kit makes things a lot easier. Kids can build their own frame (which is even easier because it includes instructions for various shapes!) and then you just throw a sheet over top. We’ve tried a couple different ones, and this one is the sturdiest!

Do you have a toy that belongs on the list of best toys for siblings to share? Send me an email! I’d love to add to the list.

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