two toddlers fighting

Two toddlers fighting: How to End Little Sibling Squabbles

Last Updated on September 2, 2021.

It’s hard to be a two-year-old. They are just learning how to behave in the world, and it can be tough when two two-year-olds have conflicting interests. In this blog post, we will discuss why it seems like your two toddlers are constantly fighting, and what steps you can take to stop sibling squabbles from happening again!

Why Toddlers Fight

Toddlers are learning how to behave in the world, and they often don’t know how to share their toys. Disagreements and fights among children are very common. Children often fight because they don’t have the skills to resolve conflicts. Temperament, environment, age, and social skills can affect why and how children fight. Children fight less as they grow and develop.

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Skills to Help Toddlers Manage Big Feelings

Here are several skills you should work on with your toddler to help mitigate fighting.

  • Calming strategies to keep kids from blowing up.
  • Practicing gratitude to learn to appreciate other people’s perspectives.
  • Read books about big feelings for kids.
  • Talk about feelings as they arise.
  • Teach kids effective breathing techniques to soothe their big feelings.
  • Role-play difficult situations so kids can practice responding.
  • Use screen time to watch educational shows that feature content about emotional intelligence like Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street
two toddlers fighting
two toddlers fighting

How to Prevent Fighting

Parental supervision is key to preventing fighting. Other ways you can help two-year-olds stop squabbling are talking with them about their feelings, teaching them how to solve problems on their own, and giving both children equal amounts of time with the toys.

Tips to Handle Toddler Fights

  • Set clear family routines
  • Make sure basic needs are met
  • Set rules with effective consequences
  • Catch them being kind
  • Promote an empathetic attitude
  • Control the environment to eliminate temptations
  • Coach them on resolving issues
  • Redirect kids when they start to argue
  • Buy toys that are perfect for playing together
  • Let kids practice resolving disputes themselves

The Bottom Line

Toddlers don’t have the skills to get along all the time. If you have two toddlers fighting all the time, use these tips and tricks to end the battles! Help kids develop the skills they need to get along by talking about their feelings, teaching problem-solving strategies, and giving each child equal amounts of time with the toys.

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