Fussy toddler? Let them play in water! A great EASY way to entertain toddlers is through water play at home. Check out this EPIC guide!

Water Play at Home for Toddlers: An Epic Guide to Toddler Entertainment

Are you looking for cheap and easy ways to entertain your toddlers? There are many benefits and very few negatives of water play at home for toddlers! Here’s our epic guide.

What is Water Play?

Water play is a freeform activities that kids of all ages can engage in. The options are limitless. It can be done indoors or outdoors. You can add toys, colors, textures, and a plethora of other items to prolong water play. It can be a therapeutic activity and/or an educational opportunity. Best of all, it takes virtually no prep!

Why is Water Play Good for Toddlers?

Water play a cheap and easy way to foster your toddlers development and growth. Here’s why you should include water play daily!

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Develops Motor Skills

Water play will help children develop very important fine motor skills. Pouring, squeezing, dumping, and stirring encourage these skills. Things like learning to control their pour from one bucket to another and learning how to control the direction or height of a splash give them opportunities to experiment and refine motor skills.

Promotes Creativity and Imagination

You can add an unlimited variety of toys, kitchen utensils, etc. to encourage creativity. A little food coloring can also encourage the imagination.

Improves Coordination

In addition to improving fine motor skills, water play also improves coordination. Kids will be able to steady their hand while pouring or splashing. They’ll strengthen muscles and be able to use both hands at the same time.

Encourages Sensory Exploration

Water is a unique sensory experience for kids. Very small children try to grab water only to feel it fall through their fingers. Toys feel different when they are wet. Regular water play encourage this type of sensory exploration for kids!

Offers Opportunities for Social Development

Water play can definitely be a solo activity. But it’s a great opportunity for kids to get social. Kids can learn cooperation and friendship skills through water play.

Enhances Focus and Concentration

Children who play with water often enter “the zone.” They can play with water for hours. Focus and concentration are skills that require practice, and water play offers the perfect opportunity for kids to develop these skills.

Introduces Math and Science Concepts

Water is a fun way to introduce concepts like volume, weight, gravity, and a plethora of other math and science concepts. It’s a hands on activity so many kids will pick up on these concepts quickly!

Fussy toddler? Let them play in water! A great EASY way to entertain toddlers is through water play at home. Check out this EPIC guide!
Fussy toddler? Let them play in water! A great EASY way to entertain toddlers is through water play at home. Check out this EPIC guide!

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Water Play Activities for Toddlers

Here’s an epic list of water play ideas to inspire you. Get creative!

In the Sink

In the Tub

At the Counter

In a Water Table

With a Hose

More Epic Water Play Guides

Tips for Water Play

Here are practical tips for using water play!

  • If you’re paying with water in the house, put towels down!
  • Add color tabs for extra fun!
  • Have your kids wear their favorite swim suit for easy cleanup!
  • Avoid wearing shoes that take a long time to dry.

Do you have other ideas for water play at home for toddlers? I’d love to hear your ides! Share them below in the comments.

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