what is a mom

What is a mom? A definitive guide for women everywhere.

Last Updated on September 11, 2021.

Moms are often seen as the “primary caregiver.” They take care of everything from the kids to the house. But what is a mom really? Is it just someone who has had children or can it be anyone that takes care of what needs taking care of at home? This post will explore what makes someone a mom and what qualities they need to have in order to be one.

Real Moms

A real mom is someone who is maternal. They are the people in life that take care of what needs taking care of for their family, whether it be their biological children or not. This can include things like cooking meals for family members and doing the laundry. Moms also tend to go above and beyond what they need to do when caring for others. They give so much of themselves and their time to help others and what needs taking care of.

What Moms are Not

Moms are not just women that have children. They can be adoptive mothers, step-mothers and even fathers!

Mom’s aren’t just people-pleasing multitaskers who slave away for 18+ years catering to everyone else’s needs. Our toxic supermom culture has given us a terrible image of what a modern mom looks like.

And it’s not a healthy definition of a mother.

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Unconditional Love of Mom

A mom offers unconditional love. She loves what or who needs taking care of at all times, even when they are throwing tantrums and being difficult. This also means that moms need to always be open minded about what they are caring for as well since everyone learns differently and takes different paths in life.

A mom’s love is what gives others the strength to do what needs taking care of, even when it gets hard.

what is a mom
what is a mom

Safe Space & Security of Mom

Moms are synonymous with safety and security. They are what provides a safe haven and place to go, even in times of crisis. They give people what they need when it is needed most. This also means that moms are the ones who stand up for what needs taking care of when it comes under attack, whether from outside or inside forces.

One of my favorite examples of a mom’s security is when random moms show up at Pride parades and festivals to shower people with love.

Coach Mom

Moms are life coaches for kids. They set routines, rules and boundaries. They offer training and set examples. They show what needs taking care of what they are capable of and what paths lead to what. They help them find inspiration in themselves, even when it seems impossible.

The Bottom Line

Moms are amazing. They are the foundation of life, offering love, security and inspiration. They are what empowers people to become what they want most.

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