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What is Respectful Parenting? Give your Kids the Love They Deserve

Many people believe that the key to being a good parent is discipline. What they don’t realize is that disciplining children in the wrong way can lead to more problems down the line. What’s worse, it can create an environment where children feel unloved and unheard. This blog post discusses respectful parenting, what it means, and how you should implement this style of parenting into your life.

What is respectful parenting?

Respectful parenting is a style of parenting that is based on the belief that children have feelings and opinions, too. What this means for caregivers is they must always treat their children with respect- even when disciplining them.

Respectful parenting starts by understanding a person’s needs and wants before making any decisions about what to do next. This can be hard because it requires empathy, sensitivity to a person’s feelings, and an open mind. What respectful parents do is actively listen to their children’s opinions. This doesn’t mean they always do what the child wants, but it does give them power in deciding how things should happen next.

Why is respect important in parenting?

Respectful parenting provides children with a sense of belonging. Respectful parents create an environment where their child feels respected and understood- which boosts self-worth, confidence levels, and happiness. And these are essential ingredients to raising a child who thrives.

The most important aspect of respectful parenting is that it creates a safe environment where children feel free to express themselves. What this does is give them the opportunity to explore, learn and grow without feeling insecure or ashamed.

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What does respectful parenting look like?

You might be wondering what respectful parenting looks like. What it looks like is a parent who takes the time to understand what their child needs. What this means is they create an environment where kids feel listened to and supported, while still being disciplined when necessary.

For example:

  • Respectful parents will listen to their children’s opinions before making any decision about what should happen next;
  • Respectful parents will allow their children to be themselves without judgment or criticism;
  • Kids of respectful parents experience a sense of belonging and feel like they are important. What this does is increase self-worth, happiness levels, and confidence.

Respectful parents do not:

  • Disrespect their children;
  • Judge them or criticize them for who they are;
  • Give up on disciplining a child in need of it.

A respectful parent’s perspective of a child is that they’re human beings who have thoughts and feelings. What this means for parents is the best way to show love or affection, in any situation at all times, is through their words.

beginners guide to respectful parenting
what is respectful parenting

Tips to be a Respectful Parent

  • Encourage your children to voice their opinions before making any decisions
  • Empathize with the child’s feelings and don’t make judgments about them. What this does is give you a better understanding of what they are feeling;
  • Be open-minded enough to listen to new ideas or ways that may work for your child. What this does is allows your children to feel like they can explore and grow into their own person;
  • Create an environment where it’s okay for kids to express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism.
  • Accept that children make mistakes and when they do, show them there’s no shame in making a mistake. What this does is boost self-esteem
  • Be respectful of your children, even when you are disciplining them. What this does is show them that they will always be respected and loved by their parents
  • Discipline a child in need of it without being disrespectful or emotional about it

The Bottom Line

Respectful parenting means that parents do not discipline their children in a way that makes them feel unloved or unheard. What this really boils down to is listening to what your child needs and providing them with love, but also setting clear boundaries for behavior. In the end, respectful parenting will help you raise a child who is confident, respectful, and happy.

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