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8 Reasons Every Kid Should Have a Dog

Kids and dogs have plenty in common. They love to play, get dirty, and have few cares. If you intend to parent your child with purpose, canine companions should have a special place in their life! That’s because having a dog will tremendously benefit your child. A dog can boost their social skills and enhance their emotional, intellectual, physical, and psychological development.

There are already 63.4 million households with pet dogs in America, but if you’re considering adding a four-legged friend to your family, read on for eight reasons why your child should have a dog.

Children learn to be responsible

Getting a canine companion is an excellent way to help a child to embrace responsibility. 

Children who love dogs are intrinsically motivated to give their furry buddies a comfortable life. They will gladly learn how to take care of the dog and master the safety precautions. When a child understands that the well-being of their best friend is in their hands, the child will stop at nothing to ensure the dog is happy. So, the child will gladly feed it, go for exercise, and keep the dog clean.  

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A dog is an excellent company

Kids have a special connection with dogs – they are the best pals. A dog provides excellent, round-the-clock companionship. Dog’s are perfect for situations where the child feels lonely or anxious. When a child cannot express how they feel to adults, talking with their pets could relieve stress and anxiety. 

The child learns acceptance and tolerance

To an adult, talking with a dog may seem weird. But not to a child. The child would enjoy speaking and playing with any dog. It doesn’t matter their breed, shape, size, or color. As the child grows, they value diversity and more easily interact with people of different backgrounds. 

Psychological wellness

As the child learns to express themselves and interact with their dog, it boosts their psychological well-being. Studies show that children who own dogs are likely to have higher self-esteem, better cognitive abilities, and enhanced social skills.

Children become better readers

Children feel comfortable interacting with their pets. The pets, on the other hand, do not criticize or correct. The child is likely to engage in favorite activities like reading bedtime stories with the dog. As they enjoy storytime, the child becomes a better reader, and it boosts their intellectual ability. 

They spend more time outdoors

Most dogs enjoy spending time outdoors – children too have a thing about being outside. They will play together, go for walks, and generally spend more time outside. As they spend more time outdoors, the kids engage in more movement and enjoy all the associated health benefits. They are less likely to become overweight and will also develop a healthy heart.

The child is likely to have a better general health

Dogs provide children with excellent avenues to handle stress. So, the kids have better mental health. On the other hand, more time outdoors means lower chances of developing cardiovascular conditions or health issues like obesity. As a result, kids who own dogs are likely to have better general health; and there is scientific evidence to prove it. 

One study showed that owning a dog could reduce the risk of developing asthma and other respiratory ailments. Other scientists examined several studies and concluded that owning a dog improves the general health of a child by:

  • Reducing the risk of heart disease. 
  • Lowering the chances of eczema. 
  • Minimizing the chances of depression. 

Finally, the child is likely to value family

It is perhaps the most crucial benefit of a dog in the eyes of any intentional parent. As social animals, dogs often model family values. Dogs are excellent models of loyalty, companionship, and genuine enthusiasm to interact with other members. They would not be buried on their tablets or gadgets when engaging with another. Dogs enjoy the time spent interacting with family. Such values could rub on their children-owners. Dogs could help kids forge positive relationships with other family members. 

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