would you rather questions for kids

151 ridiculous and hilarious “Would you rather?” questions for kids!

Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater? Would you rather drink a gallon of water in one minute or eat a pound of apples in one second? Or would you rather have J.K Rowling as your mom or know the meaning of life? These are all questions from “151 Ridiculous and Hilarious ‘would you rather?’ Questions for Kids!” These questions are sure to get kids thinking, laughing, and having fun with friends and family! Plus, you’ll build a solid connection with memories to last a lifetime.

Would you rather questions about animals

Would you rather…

  • be a monkey or an elephant?
  • be able to walk on all fours like a dog or fly through the air like an eagle?
  • ive in the desert or a rainforest?
  • be an alligator or a porcupine?
  • be a black bear or a grizzly?
  • have teeth like a mouse or claws to climb trees?
  • be an anteater or a platypus?
  • have wings, claws to climb trees, and feathers like birds or fins for swimming underwater with scales like fish?
  • be a koala or a sloth?
  • be a chimpanzee or an elephant?
  • live in the sky, on land, in the ocean, underground?
  • be a kangaroo or a panda bear?
  • be a seal or a penguin?
  • have claws and whiskers like a cat or fins to swim underwater like fish?
  • be a cat or an iguana?
  • be an anteater or a giraffe?
  • have six legs like insects and spiders to climb on all surfaces, but no arms, hands, feet, or tail; OR two human limbs that can’t do anything else other than move around from side to side (you just walk wherever)?
  • live underground with tiny eyesight so that it only sees light at night time; OR be a bumblebee without any wings who lives above ground?
  • be a lion or an antelope?
  • have wings and live in the sky like a bird or on the ground where it is safer but slower to get anywhere?
  • have horns for protection or long hair that can turn into anything when needed?
  • live in cold climates near glaciers and snow drifts all year round or hot tropical environments with volcanoes erupting every day of your life?

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Would you rather questions superpowers

Would you rather…

  • fly or have x-ray vision?
  • be able to read minds or speak every language?
  • have the power of invisibility OR invincibility?
  • have the power to heal people or call down lightning bolts from the sky?
  • be able to go through walls or communicate with animals?
  • have a force field around your body that stops bullets and hits from hurting you but slows down movement; OR live on the street without any protection at all, but still move very quickly?
  • breathe underwater like a fish or fly in the sky like a bird?
  • have a four-foot-long tail like a monkey or wings so that you could fly?
  • be able to teleport anywhere in the world instantly; OR live forever with no hair??
  • hear people’s thoughts as soon as they think them or feel people’s emotions?
would you rather questions for kids
would you rather questions for kids

Would you rather questions about food

Would you rather…

  • eat a whole cheesecake in one minute or an entire pizza?
  • eat a whole cabbage or an entire steak?
  • give up candy or ice cream for the rest of your life?
  • have ten french fries for breakfast OR an apple with peanut butter?
  • eat a whole plate of chocolate cake OR an entire tray of chicken nuggets?
  • drink grape juice or orange juice for breakfast?
  • have to drink milk for the rest of your life or drink water for the rest of your life?
  • eat a whole box of doughnuts in one minute or a can of tuna?
  • eat strawberries for the rest of your life or apples?
  • drink soup every day for dinner or salad every day for dinner?
  • eat a whole bag of chips in one minute or 5 tacos?
  • eat a whole turkey or a whole watermelon?
  • only eat candy for the rest of your life or only be able to eat vegetables?
  • give up pizza for the rest of your life or give up tacos?
  • imitate other people’s emotions;
  • eat a bowl of cereal every day for dinner or spaghetti?
  • have to drink soy milk for the rest of your life, or almond milk for the rest of your life?
  • eat a whole can of spinach in one minute or an entire cake?
  • eat a whole bag of candy in one minute or a bucket of ice cream?
  • give up eggs or bacon for the rest of your life?

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Would you rather questions about family

Would you rather…

  • have 5 moms or 5 dads?
  • live with your parents until you’re 40 or live with your siblings until you’re 60?
  • live with grandparents or cousins?
  • be an only child OR have 100 siblings?
  • live with a brother or sister?
  • spend time with your family on the weekends OR spend time with your friends?
  • live in a house of 50 people or one person?

Would you rather questions about school

Would you rather…

  • have a teacher who didn’t know your name or a teacher who called on you for every question?
  • eat lunch or dinner at school?
  • have a class of 5 people of 50 people?
  • have a teacher who let the whole class talk or one that told kids to be quiet?
  • go home after school or stay for after-school programs?
  • play hockey or chess at school?
  • take a test, or do math homework?
  • have no summer vacation and stay at 3 hours a day OR go to school for 12 hours a day and get half the year off?
  • have recess or lunch?

Would you rather questions about vacation

Would you rather…

  • visit the country of your choice for a month or an hour?
  • fly to any place in the world immediately or never travel again?
  • visit Mexico or Russia?
  • stay in the same room for a week or go to summer camp?
  • visit Canada or France?
  • visit Florida or Hawaii?
  • sleep on the beach or sleep in the forest?
  • visit a tropical country or the tundra?
  • swim in the ocean or wander through an ice cave?
  • visit a country with an active volcano or the Grand Canyon?
  • stay home and read books all day, everyday or travel to different places every day?
  • visit the zoo or the rainforest?
  • stay in bed all day, every day, OR travel to different places every hour?
  • visit the jungle or the desert?
  • stay in a tiny house on a hill with no running water OR sleep inside a large igloo?
  • visit the Amazon or Australia?
  • ride a horse or fly on an airplane to your next vacation?
  • visit Siberia or the Sahara Desert?
  • visit the North Pole or a Caribbean Island?
  • stay in one location for your next vacation or never settle down on a vacation?
  • visit Russia or China?
  • climb a mountain or dive to the bottom of the ocean?
  • visit a country that is sunny all year or be able to see the Northern Lights?
  • visit a country in Asia or a European country?

Would you rather questions about the weather

Would you rather…

  • have a picnic inside with no air conditioning day OR outside during the rain?
  • be outside all day in the winter or inside a sauna?
  • experience thunderstorms each week, and snow every day?
  • experience sandstorms and a tornado?
  • play in the rain or the snow?
  • experience two months of rain or a month of snow?
  • experience 100 degrees every day for the rest of your life OR experience negative 100 degrees every day for the rest of your life?
  • be outside all day in the summer or outside all day in the winter?
  • experience constant rain or snow for a week?
  • experience a tsunami or a drought?

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Would you rather questions about space

Would you rather…

  • live on Mars or the Moon?
  • live on Jupiter or the Sun?
  • visit Mercury or Saturn?
  • have a black hole in your backyard or an asteroid field near your school?
  • visit Saturn or Pluto?
  • experience a solar eclipse every day for the rest of your life OR never see the sun again?
  • have the ability to touch the sun or be able to fly in space with no spacesuit?
  • visit the planet Neptune or Saturn?
  • have a telescope in your backyard OR an observatory in your backyard?
  • visit the moon or experience zero gravity forever?
  • orbit the Earth or orbit the sun?
  • live on Pluto or Jupiter?
  • walk on the surface of any planet or be able to fly anywhere in space without using a rocket?
  • have a planet named after yourself or visit any planet?
  • learn about stars or planets?
  • visit the moon OR visit Mars?
  • be an astronaut and travel to different planets or never experience space at all?

Would you rather questions about Disney Characters

Would you rather…

  • be a Disney Princess or a Disney Villain?
  • meet Elsa or Anna?
  • be friends with Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse?
  • be friends with Donald Duck or Daisy Duck?
  • go on vacation with Buzz Lightyear or Woody?
  • be friends with Cinderella or Belle?
  • be friends with Dumbo or Winnie the Pooh?
  • meet Ariel’s friend Flounder or Cinderella’s mouse friend Jaq?
  • have a pet chameleon (like Rapunzel) or a naughty pet cat (like Cinderella)?
  • be friends with Elsa or Ariel?
  • eat dinner with Prince Charming or Prince Eric?
  • be friends with Moana or Rapunzel?
  • go on vacation with Olaf or Dopey?
  • be friends with Tinker Bell or Peter Pan?
  • live in the jungle or a castle?
  • live in a treehouse with Tarzan or stay in a tower with Rapunzel?
  • be friends with the Seven Dwarfs or Cinderella’s step-sisters?
  • visit Elsa’s ice castle or Ariel’s underwater castle?
  • be saved by Spiderman or Iron Man?
  • visit space with Buzz Lightyear or Goofy?

Silly would you rather questions

Would you rather…

  • have 20 fingers or 4 eyes?
  • be friends with a blue frog or green frog?
  • have webbed feet or webbed hands?
  • be a cat or a dog?
  • have no thumbs on your hands OR no toes on your feet?
  • be a superhero or an astronaut?
  • design a video game or design a tall building?
  • have a pet octopus or a frog?
  • be friends with an elephant or monkey?
  • be friends with a penguin or an owl?
  • visit the ocean for your next vacation or go to Mars?
  • be friends with an alligator or a koala?
  • have two noses OR one eye?
  • have long hair OR short hair?
  • be friends with a giraffe or an elephant?
  • wear a blue dress OR a pink shirt?
  • wear sneakers or boots?
  • have no hair on your body or one curly hair on your head?
  • wear a cowboy hat or a beret?
  • have to wear a clown now or clown face paint for the rest of your life?
  • smell like rotten eggs or sour milk all the time?
  • dance like a monkey or dance like a skunk?
  • look like a skunk or smell like a skunk?
  • burp or fart all of the time?
  • lick a dirty trash can or moldy food?
  • have rainbows or flowers shoot out of your eyes?

Would you rather questions are a good way to get kids talking! Use these prompts to help kids open up.

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