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The Zipadee Zip Wearable Baby Blanket – A Product Review

Wondering which sleepsack to try? Here’s our complete review of the Zipadee Zip, the modern solution to baby sleep struggles.

Ever since I became a parent, I have been on the lookout for products that would make my life easier. One product that has really impressed me is the Zipadee Zip wearable baby blanket. This is a lightweight, zip-up sleep sack designed to keep your little one warm and cozy without making them too hot or uncomfortable. It also protects against loose blankets in an open crib!

What is a Zipadee zip?

A Zipadee zip (sometimes misspelled Zippity Zip) is a baby blanket that zips up on the top to make it easy for you and your little one. The Zipadee zip has an opening in front so you can put your arms through to hold them when they need comfort. This zip-up sleep sack also protects against loose blankets, assisting with safe sleeping. It’s called the flying squirrel suit because of its unique star-shaped design.

It is not bulky, and it doesn’t have any hard or sharp edges that can hurt the baby if they are playing with this blanket. The Zipadee zip also features breathable fabric so your little one won’t overheat while sleeping in their favorite cozy outfit!

What makes Zipadee Zip different?

What really sets the Zipadee Zip apart is that it can be used as a wearable blanket that offers the comfort of a swaddle without constricting your baby. This means your baby is more likely to sleep through the night!

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Zipadee Zip vs. Halo SleepSack

The Zipadee Zip is a fully-enclosed zip-up sleep sack and the Halo SleepSack is a zip-up sleep sack with a hole for the arms that are designed to keep babies on their backs. Halo SleepSack is made of 100% cotton whereas the Zipadee zip is made of polyester.

The big difference is the Zipadee zip is a little more constrictive than a sleep sack. In other words, it’s one step closer to traditional swaddling.

Zipadee Zip vs. Swaddling

Swaddling is where you wrap your baby up in a blanket as tight as you can and secure it by tucking it tightly or with velcro. The idea is to make them feel secure and comforted but also so they cannot move any part of their body or get into anything dangerous like blankets, pillows, wires, etc. The Zipadee Zip simulates the womb, helping babies feel comfortable and safe.

The Zipadee zip is more or less a hybrid between swaddling and just using a blanket, where you put your baby inside on their back like with swaddling, but then zip it up so that the fabric wraps around them snugly without being too tight to restrict movement. Babies can wear the Zipadee Zip while nursing and sleeping, so you minimize the disruptions when transitioning from one to the other. Plus, it can’t get kicked off like a blanket might.

This wearable baby blanket has been popular for parents who are looking for an alternative to swaddling but still want their babies feeling snug and safe when they sleep or need a nap.

zipadee zip review
Zippity Zip

Is the Zipadee Zip safe for infants?

All of the fabrics used in Zipadee zip products are certified to be safe for baby’s delicate skin. In addition, all zippers on the garments that could come into contact with an infant’s face have been covered by fabric so there is no chance they can get caught or stuck anywhere near their mouth.

Zipadee Zip is a sleep sack and is safer than a regular blanket.

Is Zipadee Zip safe for babies who can rollover?

Zipadee zip is also safe for babies who are able to roll themselves over. Zipadee zip’s design features a gentle scoop, which keeps them from rolling too far.

Is Zipadee Zip for co-sleeping?

Some people do practice co-sleeping while using a Zipadee Zip. Babies move freely in a Zipadee zip, while still feeling secure. It is designed to meet both needs! It’s important to note that co-sleeping does have its own risks, with or without a Zipadee Zip.

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Pros & Cons

Pros of Using a Zipadee Zip

  • It’s design is stretchy and comfortable
  • Zipadee zip allows movement during sleep, so your baby can be close but still move around in their sleep
  • It is great for night time nursing and easily facilitates the dream feeding
  • Any kind of sleep is suitable for a Zipadee Zip (Night time or naps)
  • It’s available in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Both infants and toddlers can use the Zipadee Zip.

Cons of Using a Zipadee Zip

  • It is expensive
  • Zipadee zip can’t be worn during the day, so you need to remove it if your baby needs to go in a stroller or car seat straight from naptime.
  • Zipadee zip doesn’t have any sleeves or openings for hands
  • It can be tricky to zip up a wiggly baby

How many Zipadee zips do you need?

Two Zipadee zips should be enough for most babies from birth to six months of age. You definitely want more than one. Babies who are used to falling asleep in a Zipadee Zip may struggle without it! If they soil the only one they have, you’re going to struggle to get the baby to sleep while you wash it.

Also, there are multiple sizes, so you’ll have to invest in new Zipadee Zips as your child grows.

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The Bottom Line

The Zipadee Zip is a great alternative to swaddling for parents who want their babies feeling snug and safe when they sleep or need a nap. Your baby will love the Zipadee Zip.

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