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Halloween Activities at Home (Without Trick or Treating)

Last Updated on March 9, 2021.

Are you struggling to make this Halloween special while adhering to social distancing guidelines? Do you want to start new, amazing family traditions? Here’s are a few ways you can plan Halloween activities at home and make this a Perfect Pandemic Halloween!

Go All-Out on Costumes

Usually kid’s halloween costumes are limited because of the chilly weather on October 31st. This year you can let them have free reign to choose the costume of their dreams! Go all out with fancy hair and makeup to make this year extra special.

Twilight Candy Hunt

Hide individually wrapped candy around the house. Then have a lights-out scavenger hunt to find candy with a flashlight! Kids will love the adventure of hunting for their halloween candy. Play halloween music for added flare, and maybe hide a few scary surprises for extra frights (like a sheet ghost right inside a closet or a paper spider hanging from the ceiling). Pro Tip: Number the pieces candy with a permanent marker so you make sure you find them all!

Indoor Pizza Picnic & Scary Movies

Plan an indoor picnic featuring family favorites like pizza and enjoy a scary movie or two! You could even take the theme a bit farther and make home-made pizzas in the shape of pumpkins or bats. Try adding festive toppings too!

Save Pumpkin Carving (or painting) for Halloween Night

Many people carve pumpkins before Halloween night and put them out, lit up for trick-or-treaters to enjoy. This year, save your pumpkin carving for the night of Halloween! It might become a nice family tradition to gather around the table gutting and carving pumpkins to celebrate the holiday.

Make Spooky Snacks Together

There are tons of easy peasy Halloween themed snacks. Spend a couple of hours putting together festive treats, like zombie’s fingers (string cheese fingers with red pepper fingernails), dirt cups (pudding cups with crushed Oreos and gummy worms), and frozen ghosts on a stick (frozen bananas with edible eyes).

Have a Bonfire & Roast Marshmallows

If you have a firepit, plan a small backyard bonfire complete with roasted marshmallows and s’ mores. It will keep you warm if there’s a Halloween chill in the air, and the ambiance is perfect for a spooky Halloween night.

Tell (or Read) Scary Stories

Tell traditional (or made up) Halloween stories! This is especially fun around a backyard fire pit, but you could also set up a spooky storytime set in your living room. Just lay down a blanket, turn off the lights, break out the flashlights, and start sharing tales of witches and monsters! If you’re not great at storytelling, that’s OK. There are plenty of short spooky stories you can read as a family. Just check Pinterest or your local book store for ideas.

Halloween Hide & Seek

Play a scary Halloween version of Hide & Seek! Turn off the lights, get dressed up in scary costumes, and let the fun begin. Add extra ambiance by playing spooky music during the adventure.

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Start New Family Traditions

Always wanted to bob for apples? Or play a post mortem ooey-gooey guessing game? Maybe you’re interested in fancy face paintings! Start a new Halloween tradition this year by doing something different and exciting. You can turn this Perfect Pandemic Halloween into a family tradition to enjoy for many years to come!

Perfect Pandemic Halloween
Plan the perfect halloween activities at home.

Do you have any ideas for halloween activities at home? Share them in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Halloween Activities at Home (Without Trick or Treating)”

  1. I can’t wait for Halloween! Thinking of going all out on Halloween costumes too, and taking lots of pics for memories! Indoor pizza picnic sounds like a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are such good ideas! My little one can barely walk, so I think we will stick to cute costumes (that will only last an hour or so) and a movie that she would rather be playing through! 😛 Thanks for sharing these!

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